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Get off the Pedestal with the whole BSN vs ADN thing. A fact this is overlooked is that ADN does the same job as BSN and passes the NCLEX. Everyone then cried ADN is uneducated blah blah. WHY dont we... Read More

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    Quote from mombabyRN96
    I find this disturbing since I live in America where the language spoken is English.
    There are 45 million Spanish speakers in the US. It's the second most common language spoken. Due to how widespread it is, and our history of aquiring Spanish-speaking territories to expand to our current size, it's more appropriate to consider Spanish a minority national language than a foreign language.

    To the OP, I got a BSN because it was going to take me less time as a second degree student and also because my area has a strong BSN hiring preference for new grads and I planned accordingly. I knew the trade off was larger debt in exhange for better employment prospects, and I take responsibility for my decisions and therefore manage not to feel either victimized or bitter about the trend.

    On a side note, my first degree was in English literature, and yes, I think those classes and that degree DO enhance my critical thinking skills. And they certainly have helped me develop strong communication skills. This streak of anti-intellectualism within nursing is troubling to me. It's disappointing to see so many nurses unable to find value in exposure to a liberal arts curriculum.
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    Quote from DUDERNGUY
    Get off the Pedestal with the whole BSN vs ADN thing. A fact this is overlooked is that ADN does the same job as BSN and passes the NCLEX. Everyone then cried ADN is uneducated blah blah. WHY dont we look at the 4 year universities instead? Why doesnt the BSN itself advance? Because taking an extra gym glass doesnt deserve it. Look at all the worthless pre reqs that you BSN's are taking over the ADN. It isnt making you a better nurse its all about the money the school systems are a business. We need to change the education system. SWAP out that spanish you are going to forget the second after the test and take some critical thinking. Be gone with that Open elective to take baking class and replace it with PSYCH. The problem is the ADN is a efficient degree with time/pre-reqs and the BSN is created to give the "big man" money. Sorry if you wasted 100k in debt.

    why are hospitals going magnet? because the universities are lobbiest to the hospitals. Universites need there money and they dont like ADNs getting the jobs BSNs are getting for a fraction of the cost. Universities have paid, persuaded, and convinced hospitals to go magnet and it is not because 4 year nurses are better.

    IF universities ever decide to stop the worthless pre reqs and uni requirements then maybe one day a BSN nurse would have a true advantage.

    "Hospitals need there money" (sic) says it all. Take a deep breath, let it out slowly and go out and get a life so you have something better to do than leave illiterate rants here. Enjoy your day.
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    Oh, for the love of my mother, quit trolling. I'm getting my BSN in < 4 months and can't be more excited. I have 4 friends who are in or finished ADN programs and I don't think they are less intelligent, driven, or are/will be worse nurses because they decided
    to go the 2 year route. All except one had previous Bachelor's degrees. One decided to go the ADN route because she's
    older and has no interest in management, having been a corporate manager previously. Another is working on her BSN bridge right now. Everyone's situation is different, and all of us are walking out of school with little or no debt.
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    I kind of get the impression that DUDERNGUY was knocking the BSN program - opposed to knocking the nurses that actually graduated from it. It comes across to me that what's been said is that there needs to be an improvement in the program - that perhaps there is profit being made regarding the fee for the degree, and that it could stand an improvement. I do think that Spanish as a second language is a great thing to learn, and agree that it is a very common language spoken in our country. I wish I would have paid more attention in high school. :/ I just graduated from an LPN program - the ten month program, and am waiting to here if I passed the boards.. took it yesterday. I commend everyone here who have taken their education seriously and who have achieved their goals! I wish I was younger - I am 50 years old!
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    Quote from RNsRWe
    Who really wants an educated nurse? Not me, baby.....I want the most ignorant fool the hospital can manage to hire to take care of my loved ones. I don't care if the moron has an ADN or BSN, the most important thing is that they spout useless rants full of erroneous information.

    Wonder if I just found my dream nurse!
    Agree. The less education the better. Really, I learned everything I need to know in the CNA class I took way back when. Everything after that was just a waste of money. By the end of my CNA class, I could do everything that I do as a nurse.

    And really, why would anyone want to be more educated?

    I'll never understand why so many in this country have such an aversion to education. THAT would be great to learn.
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    Don't BSNs and ADNs require the same type of prereqs and since when is psych not a part of the nursing curriculum?
    Not to mention how tasteless it is to poop on someone's hard work, i.e., their degree.
    If it were so easy to attain, why don't you have one (along with the majority of the population)?

    This feels like a troll post. Purposely misspelled words and all.
    People need to stop feeding 'it'.
    I'll stop right now.
    (I'm only responding b/c this thread has been knocked to the top, AGAIN)
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    Such an unnecessary argument. I graduated as an ADN nurse and I was just as proud as friends who graduated with their BSN. We passed the same boards and made the same starting wage. The ADN program was appropriate to me at that time and completely paid for through scholarship. I love the profession of nursing and I want to see it respected and treasured. I obtained my BSN in order to remain competitive and further my knowledge. There were no stupid pre-reqs, only courses that were directed at developing as an RN (management, advanced theory, research, professionalism, etc.). I finished it through a Private university for less than 10K. Even if I learned only minimal during my BSN program, if that helps the public's view of nursing as a professional career, then it still seems worth it to me.
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    Wow...I have to say I am a little shocked at reading this post. I am a college student going back for my second will be a BSN. It does not paint a good picture for someone spending 4 1/2 years out of their lives and tons of money (I don't get scholarships this time around since I used all the educational and state ones provided for my first degree) to read this and then expect to go into a work force full of animocity for an advanced degree. No where in my curriculum is it required to take a gym class. I think its pathetic and immature to post something that anyone can see that degrades any type of educational accomplishments. I think everyone should think about who reads these posts, and it is NOT ONLY registered nurses, etc. that get on here. Alot of students get on here as well, and let me tell you...some of you are not good role models for this career.
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    OP has made only one post at AN, and this is it?? Has not even come back to reply? TROLL!
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    My progression:

    ADN to BSN to MSN and now DNP. I am proud of all of my degrees, they were all challenging to obtain, and I am proud of the nurses ADN/BSN/MSN nurses that I work with. They all bring a different perspective to the table. It is no secret that I wish the entry level was BSN, if for nothing else than to elevate the profession to that of other HCPs, but I still remember my roots.
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