Scrubs magazine article/BSN in 10?

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    It looks like Scrubsmagazine is validating what many of us are feeling/experiencing out there in Nursing Land. BSN for entry level and some states are mandating BSN in 10 after your entry(other entry level) education. Thoughts? Anyone experiencing this in your state/do you feel the pangs of upward mobility has stopped because new BSN grads are at times being considered over experienced nurses with no BSN??(I know that is happening where I wo
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    Moved to the Registered Nurses Forum: Diploma/ ADN / BSN, as better suited to this type of inquiry
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    I don't see this at all where I live. I know it's happening in places across the country, but I haven't seen it here... The hospitals around here regularly hire ADNs. Even the magnet hospitals are still hiring some ADN new grads, and I've never ever heard of a new BSN getting a job over an experienced ADN around here. Then again, where I live there are many more ADN programs than BSN. In the capital 2 hours north of here I know it's predominantly BSN. There is talk of having all the state ADN programs pair up with BSN programs so you can complete your BSN right away
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    While ADN programs still account for the lion's share of nursing graduates, the trend in many areas is "BSN required." In my part of the world, the metro Phila area, it is difficult, bordering on impossible for ADN grads to find work in hospitals. I graduated from a very highly regarded CC nursing program, who's graduates used to be sought after by every hospital in the region.

    Not any more.

    Now, the new grads - at least those that can manage to find jobs - are overwhelmingly employed in LTC. Nearly every advertisement for nursing positions states unequivocally that only BSN's will be considered. While the degree to which this has happened may be unique to the Phila area (where there are literally thousands of new grad nurses every year looking for less than few hundred hospital positions), anecdotal evidence suggests something similar is going on in nearly every urban area on both coasts.

    Sad to say, but many of the major points made in the Scrubs article are accurate.
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    I worked in a Magnet hospital in the Philadelphia area who works with the "BSN in 10" rule, mostly because they have a school affiliated with the hospital...Chuckster is correct in saying the Philadelphia, PA area is in the mode to hire BSN prepared nurses, however, there are plenty of community hospitals that hire ADNs, and new grads in phases as well. The area is saturated with Magnet Hospitals- SEVEN total...Two in the city that are known for their research, Two children's hospitals, a cancer center...include another hospital that is affiliated in the same health system; and include another hospital with one if the research hospitals... and one wanting to become Magnet ready, and you have EIGHT major hospitals in Philadelphia ALONE.that employ the most nurses requesting BSN prepared nurses, and tens and THOUSANDS mercilessly trying to get into these hospitals. We are not talking about the other hospitals that are included in the Philadelphia suburbs or in South Jersey. Magnet hospitals are coveted: clinical ladder models to promote the full extent of nursing practice and leadership abilities, Nursing theory and philosophy driven, certifications, and years of service are valued, collaborative models to promote nursing decisions, low nursing burnout, boasted nursing satisfaction...according to the research from nurses surveyed when designating these hospitals Magnet Status. So you have hospitals wanting to achieve such status, and it has increased in the area for a decade...I worked at this hospital when it was one of the ONLY two hospitals designated...and that was in 2002. So this market area has been building designation over a decade, with these hospitals REPEATING designation, or collecting additional designations currently, there have been discussions about it and the time is here in this area. I do feel that some area schools have done a disservice in not linking to several area universities, while some hospital programs had programs linked to universities when the Magnet designations were starting years ago. People want excellent care from nurses, so it may be coming to other areas of the country sooner or later. It has left a lot of qualified ADNs AND LPNs out of the hospital setting in some instances. I had to leave the Magnet hospital in 2005, when they stopped hiring bedside forward 8 years later, I am joining another Magnet hospital as a new grad BSN. I hope that AD and diploma nurses will be grandfathered in...a quality nurse is a quality nurse!
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    Quote from funfunfun550
    some states are mandating BSN in 10 after your entry)
    OP, can you provide some reference/link to a state which currently requires a BSN for licensure - either prior to initial licensure or within a certain time frame after licensure?
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    I don't think any states have actually mandated a BSN in 10 or anything like that yet...I've heard that New Jersey and New York are trying to do it, but nothing has actually passed yet.
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    You can look up how many facilities are Magnet in your area... In PA, there are 23, 1/2 are in the Philadelphia area ALONE. There are 329 Magnet-designated areas in the country, AND COUNTING...even if there is no law, there may be Magnet facilities leaning towards hiring only BSN prepared new grads.
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    I wasn't saying magnet facilities weren't leaning towards hiring BSN, I was just saying I didn't think there was a mandated law in effect anywhere yet. I know many magnet facilities prefer to hire BSN. Thanks for the link! Interesting to see where the magnet facilites are in my state.
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    Quote from soxgirl2008
    I wasn't saying magnet facilities weren't leaning towards hiring BSN, I was just saying I didn't think there was a mandated law in effect anywhere yet. I know many magnet facilities prefer to hire BSN. Thanks for the link! Interesting to see where the magnet facilites are in my state.
    Yes I realized what you said in your post the "you" was addressed to everybody.

    IMO, if one lives in a saturated Magnet area, the norm will be BSN-prepared climate. There may not be a need for a "mandate" ( not that there's a need at least to me) in the future...
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