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I would like to ask all newly employed nruses with associates degree how easy it was for them to find a job when compared to those with a bsn? DO employers prefer bsn vs adn? Thanks!... Read More

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    I have an ASN and was employed 2 months after graduating with my dream job. I also was a tech (CNA) all throughout school and before so laying the groundwork? Super important.

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    I graduate on Saturday with an ASN, and last week I was offered a med-surg position at a small community hospital at which I interviewed back in March. The hospital nearest my nursing school states that the BSN is preferred, but the vast majority of nurses I work with there have ASN degrees. The larger university-affiliated hospital also states 'BSN preferred', but some of my classmates are being hired there. My class as a whole has been fairly fortunate with finding jobs; the nearest hospital had 26 new-graduate positions.

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