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ADN or BSN, now I've got a problem

  1. 0 Good afternoon,

    I just got home from school and have a new dilema on my plate. I was talking to a girl in my lab group, also a nursing major, and she was asking me when I was starting to take the actual nursing classes, this fall or next fall. I was like, "huh, wha-?".

    I've been trying to get in touch with the nursing advisor to answer a few more of my questions. I have a lot of pre-reqs out of the way, with the exception of Bio, A&P I & II, and Micro. They're only offering like one class of each, in each summer section (I & II). What do ya do?

    The reason I chose the ADN first, is because I do not have a lot of financial aid left after changing my major for the 3rd time. While a lot of my classes will transfer over, I have enough left to finish in the ADN program, but I don't think I'll have enough to get my BSN. I do plan on going back for my BSN...probably after I've been a RN for at least 2 years.

    Do I wait until NEXT fall to start the ADN program, or do I check out some Universities in the area for the BSN program?? This lady in admissions is telling me to take all the classes I can until I get in the ADN program, that way when I go for my BSN I'll have said classes out of the way.

    C'mon, you guys have either been there/done that, or you're asking yourselves the same question. Help! Help! Help!
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    As shared with you from this ol' RN, pursue your education as it is comfortable and affordable to you. It's not HOW you get to your goal, it is THAT you get to your goal. Nothing wrong in reaching one's goals one step at a time. If ADN works for ya, do the ADN. If BSN is your goal, you are already working on it - so it sounds. Stop listening to others who want to put you down for not going the route "they went". Follow the beat of your own drum, and step to the music at your own pace. The "end result" is the final result, not how you got there. Best of everything to you!
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    If you went for your BSN, when would you start? If you are planning on starting this fall, then you have missed the application deadline. You have probably also missed the application deadline for spring---except at TWU. I know that DCCCD and CCCCD have deadlines for fall and spring admission, and I think that you may have missed the deadline for fall. I know a lot about the BSN programs in this area if you have any questions, just PM me.

    I hope this helps
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    Things look up more everyday. I guess I will take one class a term and start next fall. I need an update on when I can take the PSB Nursing School Aptitude Exam. Anyone familiar with such an exam? In the mean time, would it be to my benefit to be a CNA while I wait to get into Nursing school? Being that I'm not working, I know my purse would appreciate it. I'm not ready to do get my BSN right now...I'm going to stick with my original plan.

    I never thought I would like Biology more than the telecommunications classes I spent so much time on. :chuckle:
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    Good Morning,

    You will need the A&P's and Micro for the BSN program anyway so you can get those out of the way while checking into the BSN program.

    In my case, it made more sense for me to get into the BSN program since I had the first 2 years completed of the 4 yr. degree.

    Talk to someone and see how close you are to getting into the BSN program as a Jr., then you only have 2 more years, usually the same amount of time it would take you to get the ADN. So it all depends on what your goal is as stated above.

    Good Luck !!

    marie :wink2:
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    Oh, I just remembered that there is a financial aid issue.

    Some people would suggest completing the ADN and then finding employment where your employer will pay for your bachelor classes. That might be another option for you.

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    Definitely if you are not working and would like to work, being certified as a Nurses Aide is a good way to go, you can find work almost anywhere and gain a lot of insight on where you do or do not want to work...
    I definitely agree with the above poster, since finances are important, get the ADN and go work where you can get tuition assistance, it's a great deal when it exists.
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    I would say to get your ASN first. It's logical. You have enough funds for it now. Then as you are working as an ASN, you can have enough money to pay for your BSN.
    The route I've chosen is LPN (graduate in 7 weeks!), work as an LPN, take 4 general ed courses needed for ASN till those classes begin next May (2003), then return for my ASN. Then, a couple of years after that, go for my BSN, and who knows where I can go after that one!
    It's not really the route chosen, it's how you get there that counts!

    Good Luck whichever way you go!

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    I am an ADN graduate and would like to eventually go back for my BSN, but I am glad that I started with my ADN. It allowed me to get out into the nursing world and start working an gaining experience earlier, and when I do go back for my BSN I feel that the experience I have gained as an ADN will really help.
    Good luck with whatever you do!!