Places for a Public Health Nurse to Work

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    Hey, guys!

    I know Public Health Nurse is generally a title at the health department; but for the purposes of this thread I will use the term loosely. I was wondering, where are (all) the places a Public Health Nurse can work? I am looking for more of actual prevention and education aspect.

    Here's the ones I know of:

    Health Departments
    Planned Parenthood

    I keep looking at nursing jobs and truthfully, nothing with job postings really jumps out at me like public health nursing settings do. Not even doctor's offices and urgent care clinics. I think it is because of the goal of care--yes, both are clinics and have decent hours; however, I really, really love the idea of prevention, education, and advocacy. I also really like the collaboration that happens with community outreach agencies.

    Any ideas/places that I am not thinking of right off?

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    Some federally funded clinics (sort of like health departments with the state) have the same type of job a PHN has. I don't know much about those but I do know they're out there and their services. That's about all I know of.
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    I currently work for my county's Department of Public Health in a clinic. We educate, educate, educate! We serve those in underserved communities in the following areas: reproductive health (sti's, birth control, etc), immunizations, TB and HIV/AIDS. I love it! I hope this helps.
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    PHNs make great CASE MANAGERS! Anywhere!
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    Nurse Family Partnership! National program, evidence-based. Google them and check out their website.
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    There are lots of opportunities for PHN! What area interests you -OB/GYN, Pedi, chronic health, etc... There are PHN jobs available just by speciality. I work in a family planning and STD clinic. There are also job for Pedi PHN case managers to follow preemies once they get home, FTT babies, CPS cases. If women's health interests you some domestic violence shelters have clinics attached, preg teen programs for case management, NFP programs. Chronic health -community ed and case management for DM, hypertension, etc.. Really the sky's the limit!
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    Maternal and Child Health. I work out in the community seeing pregnant and postpartum women in their homes. The scheduling is flexible and it is highly autonomous.
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    what company do you work for?
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    I'm guessing Nurse-Family Partnership
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    You're probably right. Thanks!

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