One month as a PHN....

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    ....and I LOVE it. Love love love.
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    What kind of public health are you doing?

    I knew even before nursing school I wanted the be a public health nurse. I wanted the opportunity to build long-term relationships with my patients and to do a lot of teaching. A year after I graduated, I got my dream job. I work with pregnant and parenting teens (mostly low-income) in a home-based program. I absolutely LOVE it. Every day is different and has unique challenges. I work with a great team which makes it even better!
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    I mostly do Child Health. Everyday is a different challenge. My co-workers are awesome.
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    That's wonderful! I start mine next week and am so excited!
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    Sounds like a great match!
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    Congrats!!! Im so glad that I have my mind made up to get into nursing.That is so awesome to be in the PHN field Anyone knowledgeable of scholarships, grants, loans for nursing in general?
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    Congrats!! I've always been interested in public health
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    I would love to work with the young pregnant girls. I was pregnant and married at age 15 now married for 24 years. I had a" social service" visiting lady who came each week. I dont know what I would have done wihtout her. My mom was very involved but she didn't know all the resources this lady did. I knew since I was 7 I wanted to be a nurse but would love to work with girls/ families like I once was. Working on my FNP and I hope that I can get into a clinic and work with them.
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    Most of the children I see have young parent's. I love the opportunity to teach and give encouragement. A lot of these children I'll see often. Our PHRM/ISS program deals with high risk mothers and infants. They do home visits. I may have to do some home visits this week.

    I do child health (EPSDT) and some WIC. The Health Department is notified when newborns have a "trait". I notify the parent's and do counselling for this. Most of the time it is the sickle cell trait but I call for BARTS and other HgB diseases. I'm learning a lot about genetics and work with the genetics nurse.

    I love it.

    Mrsfocused, I'm not sure about scholarships, etc.
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