Can you be a PHN if you are a new grad?

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    Can you be a PHN if you are a new grad? Do new grads get hired in the public health nursing or do you require 1 year of exp as a RN. I am RN BSN. Thanks for any input!!

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    Where I live you need a Masters to work in public health.
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    Where I live you can start in public health with the state as a new BSN, I think it's very dependent on state and agency.
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    I think you only a need a BSN to work in public health in California, so it may be possible as a new grad. But that's something you may want to double-check with employers or the CA BRN.
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    I met a new nurse at my LTC facility in CA several years ago. She was a new grad. She did not stay long at our facility before she was hired into a PHN position. So I would have to say it is possible to get a PHN job in CA as a new grad. At least it was in that instance. As a matter of fact, a few years later, I met another new grad RN who did the same thing in another area. She was only at our facility for a few days before she took the new PHN position.
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    Thanks everyone!! I am based in seattle WA so will check with the department. I am sure there is huge # of applicants since it seems like everyone wants to be a PHN. but will try my luck out!!
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    From what I've seen on job postings here in Georgia, you need 5 years experience as an RN or you can have a master's in PH plus 1 year RN experience.
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    I am a new grad and was just hired as a PHN for the county in California. I have a BSN, as well as my PHN license. I have yet to start, so not sure how much training I will be getting, but I will be working with chronically ill children coordinating resources and making sure they are getting the proper attention needed.
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    Thank you so much for all the respone. I am trying to re-enter nursing after 13 years and would like to work in public health setting only..
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    Yes! I am getting ready to apply for a couple of public health positions and I was told to go ahead. My heart soared upon hearing that because that is where my heart lies. :heartbeat

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