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    Is there anyone out there that only wants to do psych nursing?

    I recently accepted a med surg job after leaving pysch, and realized I have no interest In the medical aspect of things. I love the one on one I get with psych.
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    Me. And if you like the 1:1, try community based nursing like ACT. I worked in the community first and now inpt and I DO miss all the 1:1 time
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    Thanks.. I'm pretty sure I'm met to be a psych nurse and I'm kicking myself for leaving. Med surg is not for me... I'm sad and disappointed for leaving .
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    hi nurse for 30 + yrs loved psych nursing especially in the community. but also used my psych nursing skills in so many other areas. really found a nice fit in home care and hospice. I would look to see where u can use your psych skills in other areas to make your med surge xperince more enjoyable. although from what I hear workloads in med surge don't leave much time for 1:1 . good luck to you
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    As psych nurses, we primarily focus on the monitoring and treatment of a patient population diagnosed with mental illnesses. However, our ability to render service extends beyond mental illness; we need to be able to assess, treat, and monitor the entire spectrum of the individual. Granted- we do not have to specialize in that entire spectrum, but we do need to be versed in an array of areas.

    Being versed in an array of areas holds my interest with geriatric psychiatric nursing. The vast majority of geri-psych pts have existing comorbid, axis I and III, diagnoses. Working with the griatric population allows me to focus on psych aspect of nursing without totally alienating myself from the medical aspect of nursing.

    Good luck with your search to find your niche in nursing, lynds80!

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    I would love to work in psych, but I feel like I need to keep gaining medical skills, too. I recently accepted a med/surg/psych position that I love and think is pretty close to perfect (for me). The patients are there for medical issues, but also have psychiatric issues.
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    I may dabble in other areas from time to time, but my primary interest will likely remain psych.
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    Quote from lynds80
    Thanks.. I'm pretty sure I'm met to be a psych nurse and I'm kicking myself for leaving. Med surg is not for me... I'm sad and disappointed for leaving .
    So come back to the dark side!

    Psych is always in demand, at least in the areas I've worked in. Since you have prior psych experience, you shouldn't have too much difficulty finding something, even if you sneak in the PRN door and go from there.
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    Thanks everyone. I'm trying to come back to the dark side. I loved psych. I always wanted to be a social worker or a psychologist. So pysch nursing for me is the closet thing. I also wanted to dabble into forensic. Working on medical floor with all the tasks isn't for me. Stool samples blood draws isn't me. I would rather talk to PTs on how their going to deal with their depression or how their meds work. Or just listen to them. Maybe I'm crazy lol!! Anyone else agree????
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    yes i can honestly say i only want to work in psych!! i love it!! everything about it fascinates me.. im currently reading a book "anatomy of an epidemic", a true eye opener..things i didnt learn in nursing school ... i just applied for an Psych NP program.. , i was a caseworker investigating child abuse for some years and really think thats why im drawn to psych, oh and i worked with the dd population for five years before that... psych feels soo natural to me... i still maintain my per diem status in LTC, b/c i get to do some wounds, iv's, gtube feedings etc... but my Heart is in psych!

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