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I just accepted a position to do home psych evals for an agency per diem. I only have medical experience, but I always wanted to get into psych so why not. Someone recently told me though that there is a special certification... Read More

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    I used to be part of a psychiatric home-care team 10-15 years ago. I provided intermittent visits to the patient's home, operating under a form 485 signed by a psychiatrist.

    IIRC, Medicare required two years of psychiatric experience in order to qualify as a billable visit. There was talk of creating the standard of mandatory psych certification, but that didn't happen.

    I don't know the current regs, but I would guess that "psych visits" by a non-psych RN would not be a billable visit

    It's good that you are asking this question. Of course, I'd also ask the employer and see what they say.