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lsvalliant has 8 years experience and specializes in acute care then Home health.

Moved to CA at age 19, prior to that lived in PA and WV. I was a bartender before I became a nurse in 08. First job at Cedar Sinai Medical, a Level 1 trauma center. Med Surg rotation to PACU. Currently in HH, wound care certified and seeing patients privately for wound care. Also certified to give Inotropin IV in the home.

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  1. Suspended without pay for expired TB requirement?

    Hi OP here. I haven't had time to reply because I've been too busy in the past 48 hours working at my job to check the forum, but update... I did NOT get suspended, thank goodness. I did get a PPD on Sunday (having it read tomorrow) and I did send ...
  2. My employer told me on Friday that my annual TB test was going to expire this weekend and instructed me that they would suspend me without pay on Monday if I couldn't get one done over the weekend. Problem is that I had plans to take PTO for a half ...
  3. Why are the floor nurses so unwilling to teach?

    I didn't learn a gosh darn thing by following the nurse around when I was in clinicals, except for what I needed to do to keep my teachers off my back and to look busy. I was a straight A student, but I found I could learn a heck of a lot more by no...
  4. Lets talk about $$$

    1. SAN DIEGO 2 100 SOC, 60 VISIT, 70 all other oasis, .50 mile 3 Full benefits medical, dental, 401k, HSA, disability 4.being out in the sun all day!
  5. consents in hh nursing

    My regional director made a new policy to accept consents for entire year for a patient, even if its a new SOC several months later. I happen to think this is not a correct policy and think we need a consent for each readmission. Any thoughts?? Ho...
  6. Can't Pass NCLEX, So What Jobs Can I Get With My Nursing Degree?

    I haven't read the updates or any of the comments on this post but just between you and me. I heard you were going to make it and it is your destiny to be a great nurse.
  7. Fraudulent visits - yes I brought it up!

    "Now I know that I'm watching too much reality TV, but the first thought that came to mind was to hire an independent private investigator to follow her." Or just follow her a** one day. See for yourself.
  8. Home Health-The good, The bad, and I'm getting out.

    Guess What! Original poster here. I was offered 6-8 dollars less per hour to go work at the new job in the hospital/clinic setting. Forget it!! SO I did not leave home health. It drives me crazy some days but at least I dont have to punch a clock...
  9. I've been working in home health now for almost 3 years as a RN case manager in southern California. I'm posting this so those of you that are thinking about home health know what to expect and I'm basically just venting why I have a love/hate relati...
  10. Tax season, What can I right off??

    This is the first time I am going to attempt to right off expenses on my taxes. I made over 100k as a case manager last year and I am scared I am going to owe thousands in taxes. i was paid 25 cents a mile for most of the year so I know I can right...
  11. Anyone heard of nightingale or aspire home healthcare

    OK so I took the job. Worst experience I've ever had in my whole working career. This is of course the opinion of one and not to sway anyone from excepting one of the many jobs they have available because their RN turnover is ridiculous. The avera...
  12. worst, most corrupt agency ever!

    Oh, lol I meant TPA or cathflo. I get the concept but I have never actually given it. It involves using a stopcock. I filed a complaint with the state about the youtube incident and that we are hiring new grads that dont know what they are doing w...
  13. What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I have heard so many stories from my teammates about devil possession on the floor. *shiver* I bet those patients are getting ambien
  14. worst, most corrupt agency ever!

    Hi all, I have been working for the same agency as a full-time case manager for over a year now and recently things have gotten so bad, I feel like I'm being forced to quit. In October the agency went from an hourly rate of pay to per visit. All of...
  15. Per visit and calculation of overtime gripe

    but is that legal, not to include travel time as hours worked?