The Nightmare known as Psychiatric Care Part One - page 3

The Nightmare Many years ago there were insane asylums. Some were so bad that we even got a new English word to describe mental illness based on the facility, Bedlam. When I was a child we had State Hospitals. They were... Read More

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    I've been hospitalized six times. Most of the nurses I encountered were completely uninterested in their patients, and seemed irritated by HAVING to interact with their patients. There were a few jewels, however. It's still a crummy system.
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    I think it is common for patients to feel the stress and tension that nurses in every area have. i am sorry that any of you have had poor experiences while hospitalized. Your comments speak clearly to the need for more recognition of mental illness and the entire fabric that is mental health. We have done a great job of learning about the body physically and now we can care and treat better. Unfortunately as one person has already identified that we are infants in the field of mental health. It wa not so long ago that we blamed every MI on the mother.
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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    It wa not so long ago that we blamed every MI on the mother.
    My heart goes out to parents of these mal-adjusted kids, like the Newtown murderer (OK I do NOT understand her arsenal). Where can we place these folks BEFORE they act out so disastrously?
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    dirtyhippiegirl, I think BPD or HPD is the new hysteria. I could be wrong though.
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