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Could someone tell me the most common medications used for psychiatric emergencies? I am guessing most of them are IM but the information I have found has been from a drug company or wikipedia and not sure I can entirely trust... Read More

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    ok apparently i am not smart enough for this site - I am trying to reply to all the assistance i got and my thank yous all end up at the bottom even thought i hit "reply." THEREFORE THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE. I SOOO APPRECIATE THE HELP .
    That's because posts are sorted by time, not who you respond to. But don't sweat it, you're doing fine
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    Wise of you to do a little homework. Best of luck with that interview, let us know how it goes!
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    It's uncommon to get EPS from one dose of an antipsychotic, so if it's only being used on an emergency basis, cogentin most likely wouldn't be needed.
    IM Haldol.
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    Often times, you will have a choice of a PO emergency med and an IM of the same med.
    So, the goal is to attempt to have the pt take the PO first, then if that fails, you go with the IM.
    Better to try and get the PO before things get too out-of-hand than having to do an IM, because usually by that time that means the pt has possibly escalated to the point of needing to be held down by staff... we like to try to avoid that.
    In fact, good staff will do everything they can to try to redirect a pt to avoid having to use any emergency meds.
    We use a lot of Haldol and Ativan. They can be given together in a single syringe-- hence it's known as "the cocktail".

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    Good luck with your interview!
    Psych is awesome.
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    Z52 is my favorite. Zyprexa Benadryl and Ativan
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    we do B-52's here on our agitated pts in the ER. Benadryl, 5mg Haldol and 2mg Ativan
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    We always used HA HA therapy. Haldol (5 or 10) and Ativan (2). Repeat in an hour if needed. Of course, if you can head off the emergency and your patient agrees to take po meds then everybody wins. My preferred po med is Haldol or Thorazine.
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    Quote from mikenmim
    Of course, if you can head off the emergency and your patient agrees to take po meds then everybody wins. My preferred po med is Haldol or Thorazine.
    If they're willing to go PO, we'll do the B52s in PO form. Or we'll go with Zydis and a benzo.
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    Our go to for IMs is Geodon and Ativan. Sometimes Zyprexa. If we can get them to take something PO, usually 5 of Zydis and Xanax or Ativan.
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