1st Psych Nursing Job starts Monday, any advice? - page 3

I am leaving my SNF job for a new position at the County emergency mental health facility. I am 7 months graduated RN, and am very excited to be given this opportunity. I am a little nervous, as my... Read More

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    Your blog is a wealth of information, Leah--thanks so much for sharing it. I'll be starting a psych position on April 29. I have worked in psych-heavy populations for years now (residential programs for brain injury, DD), but this will be my first acute/locked position. I'm also thinking about going the PMHNP route. Trying to soak up all the knowledge I can!

    I have that same breadmaker, too! Lol

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    Thank you for telling me about Ted.com. Awesome site!
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    Be afraid, be very afraid .
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    I'm glad you posted this thread - I was just about to!

    I'm a new december graduate, and begin my first psych job in about a week! I'm so excited I find inspiration, that after three months, you are sticking it out for the long run! I hope in 3 months I will be saying the same!
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