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The doctor's orders say things like "Give tylenol if temp 101 or above." Mom tells you to give tylenol when the temp is 100. The doctor's orders say "Give Benadryl prn for itching/rash. Mom tells you to give benadryl if child is... Read More

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    Yes, this is usually the response. The parents fire you and the agency goes along with their wishes. The agency does not care, they send out the next victim from their long list of nurses who need work, hoping that the next nurse is smart enough to go along with the game plan and keep her/his mouth shut. I have only ever had one Director of Clinical Services who had enough of a backbone to state unequivacally that she would get the doctor involved. All other supervisors have only wanted the field nurses to shut up and not complain. You have to decide how badly you need the job and calculate whether or not you would be given a replacement case or not. After awhile, the agency will stop sending you if they determine you are "high maintenance". This is the part of home health that people don't talk about very much.
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    At my peds case, Mom often tells us to give this or that. However, the meds that she asks us to give are listed on the Plan of Care with a very generic PRN order so that us RNs do feel comfortable giving the meds when Mom asks. But we also document, document, document and especially when Mom requests the med, we document that fact as well. Mom also is very lenient at the same time telling us to use our judgment when we feel PRNs are necessary. I have gotten into the habit of asking this Mom's opinion of different PRN meds before I give them but she always just says to me "use your judgment" but I just feel better running it past Mom before I give it if its daytime and she's awake.
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