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  1. Kyasi

    Labor Dispute

    I got that call too. I did a little searching and found this link. https://ch.tbe.taleo.net/CH11/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=HUFFMASTERS&cws=1&rid=453
  2. Kyasi

    home health nursing job

    mumarada, You don't mention how much hospital experience you had before you started working for the doctor's office. I had 5 yrs of hospital experience in ICU, CCU, Post Pump, and Labor and Delivery and then took 4.5 yrs off completely to have my kids. I had no problem transitioning to HH after not working at all for over 4 yrs. I think if you have hospital experience as well as MD office experience, you will do fine in Home Care. It is very different though from what you are used to. I remember the biggest shock for me going into Home care was the lack of sterile technique in a home. (my first patient's suction catheter was kept on the carpet and the dog was walking over it!) I had to learn not to be "Nancy Nurse". You can't go into a home and treat it like a hospital and tell the parents/family all the things they should do differently (although it's very tempting!) If you can change your mind set a bit, respect the family/patient, you can do home care. That first patient's family finally did start keeping the catheter wrapped in a clean towel, something I gradually implemented. Good luck! Kyasi
  3. Kyasi

    I'm looking for another HH job!....Rant.

    Ditto that! I have patients report every so often that one of my office staff or one of my Nurse Case Managers was rude. I apologize profusely and then we all laugh about it because I know it isn't true. My office is right there and I can hear most of the communication. Even if I didn't hear it, I'd believe my staff. I was doing a supervisory visit once and the patient's girlfriend overheard the patient tell me that he liked my new hairstyle. I said, thanks, and that was the end of that discussion. Girlfriend was extremely jealous and called the office and said she wanted me off the case because I was the rudest nurse she had ever met. I got back to the office and everyone, including my boss, was laughing and asking me what I did to tick her off. I didn't even know the girlfriend was upset. She was standing in the hallway out of sight when he said it and I didn't even talk to her. Now if I'd have gotten a write-up for that, I'd have walked right out of the office door! Having faith in your staff's integrity is a good way to keep good employees. To not be given a chance to tell your side is so not fair to you and it says a lot about the company you work for. Go to where you are treated with dignity and where there are more benefits. It's a no brainer! Kyasi
  4. Kyasi

    home health nursing job

    I totally agree with Ash2012. You really should get some hands on clinical experience before you go into home health. In a hospital setting there is always someone to consult or to act as a preceptor when you are faced with new experiences. Most HH Agencies require experience before they will hire you. Mine requires a year. You will feel much more confident out there on your own if you have some experience under your belt. Good luck to you as you start your career! Kyasi
  5. Kyasi

    Can I be a nurse with a criminal history?

    Sorry to say, but this may come back to haunt you. I would definitely consult a lawyer. Even if you were able to get your license, getting a job may be a problem. We have a question on our application asking if the applicant has ever been arrested or bonded. I always ask the question verbally during an interview even if they write in 'no'. A few weeks ago, I had to stop the hiring process because the applicant lied and told me she had not ever been arrested. We ran her background checks and found that she had been arrested for theft, convicted and rec'd a 24 month sentence, 23 mos suspended, which meant she spent a month in jail. I couldn't hire her because we won't hire anyone who was convicted of theft for home care but also because she lied to me during the interview. Sadly, this all happened 12 yrs ago and she had turned her life around and would probably have made a good employee. I have hired people who have had convictions in their past when they were truthful with me during the interview. Every employer will have different standards but you should find out if this will affect your ability to be licensed before you continue your education.
  6. Kyasi

    The good, the bad, and the ugly?

    I made a transition 25 yrs ago to HH from hospital nursing. (ICU, CCU, PPU, and the Delivery room) I did hospital nursing BC (before children) and switched to HH AC (after children.) I started doing home care when my youngest son was 4 months old. I would nurse him before I left for a 4 hr evening case at 7pm and would be home to feed him again at 11pm. My husband was home with the kids and I worked shorter shifts, part time. My Special Care experience was very helpful and I worked on High tech Pediatric cases. As my kids got older, I moved into doing visit nursing. (dressing changes, med fills, blood draws etc) I would drop the kids off at school and be home by the time they got home. I never missed a field trip and I volunteered in the kids classes regularly. Basically, I arranged my work schedule around my life instead of the other way around. When the kids got older and into college, I started full time and never had a problem getting enough hours. I could have worked 80 hrs a week if I could have cloned myself. Now that I have an empty nest, I work in management for a home health agency. It's a stressful job but it will be my last job. It's meeting my needs at this stage in my life and I plan to retire in a few years. I read a lot of negatives about HH nursing on this site but for me it's been great and I wouldn't change a thing. I have had much more flexibility than I would have had in a hospital while raising my family. I really did name my own hours until I started my current job. Good luck to you! Kyasi
  7. Kyasi

    Can I get paid to care for my mother

    My agency has a policy against staff caring for their immediate family and I believe most agencies do also. Our Aging Agency has what is called Self Directed Care where a patient can hire family for Attendant level care. But as you said, the waiting list is quite long and the screening process is stringent. There have been so much abuse of this program by family members that I doubt the program will continue for long. Kyasi
  8. Kyasi

    Considering HH Nursing - Interview soon

    Nanny, I didn't see this post early enough to give you any pointers but hope your interview went well. I have been in HH for 25 yrs and as in all fields of nursing, there is good and bad. In my case, it's been a very positive experience and the good far outweighs any of the bad. So if you get the job, I hope you will like the change. I wish you the best! Caliotter3, If HH has been so negative for you, why are you still in this field? Kyasi
  9. Kyasi

    Thank you for all your comments over the years

    Ventmommy, I am so very sorry! Your son may have had a rough beginning but he had a very loving end. You have been my favorite homecare Mom and I've never met you. God bless you and comfort you at this time. Kyasi
  10. Kyasi

    How do your start your day on paper that is.

    Because that was how the agency I worked for wanted us to chart. We were to begin with 'On Duty' and end with 'Off duty'.
  11. Kyasi

    How do your start your day on paper that is.

    I always started with, "On duty, report received from Dad. Child is asleep with Pediasure feeding infusing at 100cc/hr/pump via GB. Assessment completed, vent check done." I did not repeat my assessment in my narrative because it is already on my assessment sheet along w/vital signs. I know from our state audits that the condition the patient was in when you arrived and when you left is very important and also who you reported off to. I always spelled out exactly how I left my patient. "Client is secured in w/c watching a video, smiling and in no apparent distress. Pediasure feeding infusing at 100cc/hr/pump/GB. Tvent on over trach, respirations are regular/nonlabored, biox 94%, diaper dry. Report given to Mom, off duty. I also made sure I had a head to toe assessment done just prior to my leaving.
  12. Kyasi

    "Unusual charting"

    Unreal! Between myself and my office nurses, we read all documentation before it's put into the charts. I wouldn't want to be in those supervisor's shoes when they have a state audit because the auditors do read it all!
  13. The advisory board meeting isn't for several months. I did talk to my clinical director and they all agree that befriending a patient is against our code of ethics. But getting employees to comply is a totally different issue. If they password protect their accounts, nobody will ever know.
  14. Kyasi

    "Unusual charting"

    If this nurse worked for me she would be rewriting her charting to make it patient focused. I'm the one who has to face the state auditor when they come and there is no way that I would allow this kind of charting to remain in a client's chart. If a nurse has a problem with the care being given, a patient chart is not the appropriate place for her to vent. If she did it again, she'd receive a disciplinary write up. What she wrote is totally inappropriate and I would hope a supervisor would be reading the charting whether you gave her a heads up or not.
  15. Kyasi

    PDN...Facebook friend??

    Oh, got you. Thanks for clarifying Ms Bee.
  16. Kyasi

    PDN...Facebook friend??

    Just to emphasize, I no longer take care of this child or work for the agency that handles her case and have not for over 6 yrs. So any relationship I now have with mom is completely outside of any policy/agency constraints. She does live in another city but we do try to get together once a year or so. I never socialized or went anywhere with her during the many years I was employed and her child was my patient. So I'm not sure where the huge liability is?? Also, to clarify, I made sure the clinical director of the agency was aware of the issues in the home and although I was supportive of her mother, if I thought the patient was being neglected in any way during her crisis, I would have reported that.

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