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I've been thinking alot about my Facebook account since all the problems it has brought to people not only in nursing school but also peoples lives. So my question to you is: if you get accepted to nursing school will you... Read More

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    I had a classmate that was almost kicked out of nursing school for pictures she posted on her facebook account. They were photos of her and other classmates posing with the dummies they use to practice procedures. But, it was the day that they were learning urinary catheters, and the genitals are exchangable (so you can practice male and female insertion). The were holding up the fake parts and posing with the dummy's legs spread open. It was so immature. The school has a written "no photos" policy, but is pretty lax about it, because they need photos for the yearly scrapbook. Just, not those kinds of photos!
    She got in trouble, everyone posing in pictures got in trouble. She did delete her facebook account after that.
    But, this all goes toward judgment and maturity. She should have known better. Really, she did know better, she just couldn't resist the response she knew she'd get from her friends.
    So, yeah. Just be mindful of what you post, and you should be fine.
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    Quote from RscodADN10
    I've been thinking alot about my Facebook account since all the problems it has brought to people not only in nursing school but also peoples lives.

    So my question to you is: if you get accepted to nursing school will you delete your account? Or if in school now will you delete after you graduate?

    You cannot delete your facebook account. The only available action is to 'deactivate' it. This would seem very suspicious if you had a record of facebooking and suddenly, conspicuously 'deactivate' it. Just warrants investigation and a lack of confidence in one's life; possibly a hint of insecurity too. Maybe just take down some photos and remove some rants if you'd like. I was removed from a friend that was becoming a state trooper because of the same situation. He says that they ask for your password and everything, and deleted me as a friend when I posted something about politics.
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    Quote from woahmelly
    Easy solution. Don't be stupid. I know it's hard to use common sense for some people but it really is worth the effort.

    That said, I never once considered deleting my facebook account. I know what is appropriate and what is not.

    • Don't play hooky and then post about it.
    • Don't friend everyone you ever come in contact with.
    • Keep your privacy setting to "friends only"
    • Make sure you get notified when things are tagged with your name. Preemptive damage control is a hell of a lot easier then damage control after the fact.
    ouunce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, yeah. I think this is a little eccentric though, why subject yourself to such immatuerities in the first place? If you're going to pose with human body parts maybe this isn't your profession, if you're going to profess about it, and flaunt yourself; publicizing it to all of your friends: you definitely don't deserve a healthcare career. Grandma Smith don't want her saggy mammary glands being made fun of a stroke before death, or you texting it to friends between bed visits. Seriously, just grow up and save lives already. If you have something to hide, then you need to just stop suppressing and facilitating that juncture, and oblige and ostrasice/distract yourself with something less provocative, until you've slowly weaned yourself unto a healthy life. It's like a diet for your impulsive mind. You have to manage this.
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    Never had one and never will!
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    I wouldn't delete my account after getting accepted. It's like everybody has said, just be careful. I'm super private about my profile (26 friends only). I don't add people I don't personally know. I don't post or put up religious or political info. And if someone starts cussing on my wall, I'd delete their comments (I will - and have - disable my wall from them if they keep it up). My friend's list is only viewable by me. I'm not searchable on search engines (or even by non-friends on Facebook). And I don't and will never post up scandalous pictures or updates (which shouldn't be done anyway, regardless of nursing school).

    I do keep FB because it gives me a chance to connect to people I mayhave lost touch with and possible interacting with future classmates.

    Play it safe and you should be fine.
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    No. I'm not stupid on my account. I have my parents on there, my in laws, my neices and nephews...I would never post anything I wouldn't want any of them seeing, and if a friend should post something I'd delete it. It's my way of keeping in touch with all kinds of family and friends!

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