Where is the best nursing school

  1. I am new to the nursing world and am starting the 2013 year of with getting my plans to school started but need ideas for schools. Any ideas. If so please respond. This is my first thread on here so don't know how to do much just yet. Anyways let me know where u know if good schools. Thanks and happy New Years
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  3. by   x_factor
    There's many good nursing schools in every state, you just need to do your homework on them. Compile a list of nursing programs that you are interested in, and then research each one. Look at their accredidation, retention rate, NCLEX pass rate, ect. Doing your homework on any potential school you plan to invest your time and money into is vital before making a decision on where to attend.
  4. by   queserasera
    Tied for #1: John's Hopkins (I'm applying here), University of PA, Universit of WA
    Tied for #4: University of CA-San fran, University of NC-Chapel Hill
    #6: University of Michigan
    Tied for #7: Duke, Oregon Health and Science U, Yale, U of Pittsburgh
    Tied for #11: U of Maryland (I'm applying here too), U of Illinois-Chicago, and U of Iowa
  5. by   caringkind11
    I was thinking UCLA as we'll but I'm unsure at this moment.
  6. by   Stephalump
    I don't know about "best." Are you looking for prestige or the absolute best training you can find?
  7. by   UVA Grad Nursing
    One bit of information -- the US News rankings are for Graduate programs in nursing. There is no national ranking for undergraduate or pre-licensure nursing programs.
  8. by   Esme12
    I suggest you look for good school in your state and go from there......get the fundamentals then think about advanced/graduate programs.
  9. by   caringkind11
    Stephalump as for a respond to yourself I want a school that is both awesome classes and training but also we'll known. I would prefer not to go to a community college but if need be I will.
  10. by   soulshine101
    To start with, are you looking in-state or relocating if the opportunity presents itself?
  11. by   caringkind11
    Relocation because I'm kinda bored with the same old things and people every day lol
  12. by   catsladder
    On top of my head: John Hopkins, UCSF, Washington ...etc
  13. by   caringkind11
    Thanks catsladder appreciate it
  14. by   FlyingScot
    Quote from catsladder
    On top of my head: John Hopkins, UCSF, Washington ...etc
    Again, assuming you are basing your reply on what you've heard or read, those schools are highly ranked for their graduate programs. There are no rankings for undergraduate/pre-licensure programs. Any program that is recommended will purely be based on anecdotal evidence, recruiter hype and personal opinion. Pick a few places you'd like to live and go from there with your research.