When are you too old to start Nursing school?

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    I have been in Advertising and design my whole life (I am 46) and I am now planning to go back to school to become a nurse. Are there any others out there in my shoes? Will anyone hire a nearly 50 new grad.?
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    I graduated 3 yrs ago. Our oldest grade was 65yrs old and is working full time in hospice.
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    Thanks Wavewatcher, How is is the job market for new grads these days in general?
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    Well I am in the south....new grads are having a really hard time finding jobs right out of the gate. There is NOT a nursing shortage....don't believe it. Since the economy tanked several years ago the nurses who would have like to retire or did retire are now back in the working arena. There are way too many experienced/seasoned nurses looking for jobs right now and the new grad really has to work hard to slide into an open spot. BUT nothing is impossible, once you graduate the economy and nursing field could very easily have shifted.
    I wish you all the best!
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    New grads in general are having a hard time finding jobs, not just the elder new grads But the tide will no doubt turn soon.
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    Thank You. Good to know.
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    How physically fit are you? Can you be on your feet for 12+ hours? How good are your study techniques? Do you want to work shifts, stat holidays and be at the bottom of the vacation list?

    Everyone here will tell you that you can do it. And yes, if you can get accepted into a university, you probably can. But do you really have your eyes open to what nursing is?

    I graduated aged 42. I'm feeling the fatigue more now that I am in my 50s. Back hurts, feet (well the arches dropped and Orthotics saved me) can and do hurt and many patients don't mind standing on their nurse's feet. Shoulders and wrist hurt. There are days compassion fatigue is very evident on my unit (we are all 50+).

    You will hear stories here on how you can do anything after you graduate, well maybe in great labour markets but the reality is without hsopital experience the other jobs just aren't there.

    Only you know if you want to do this.
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    Oh, I meant to add....I am 41yrs old. :-) I work as a school nurse and love my job. I worked nights on the floor and could not do it. After a year of floor nursing I bailed! Not for me.
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    All nurses are having a hard time finding a job. I've got 5 years and have been looking for MONTHS with no luck. Anyway, when I went to nursing school I was 29 and the second-youngest in my class. Most of my classmates were in their 40s and even had one in her 50s. You're never too old to do anything you set your mind to!
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    This is not the time to be trying to get into nursing. I know someone who left 60k per year job just to go into nursing. Unwise...And this goes to everyone not just people of a certain age.
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