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There seems to be a lot of questions on how important GPA is to get into a program. So I decided to start a thread where people can see , and average them out. We can all speculate on the... Read More

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    I had a 2.9 with prereqs. I just graduated, and my GPA went up to a 3.06. I goofed up when I shouldn't have before nursing school.
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    Mine was a 3.5...the last two semesters (one of pre-reqs, and my first nursing semester) were 4.0s though! I'm still excited about it, not trying to brag lol.
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    Quote from rumwynnie
    I had a 2.9 with prereqs. I just graduated, and my GPA went up to a 3.06. I goofed up when I shouldn't have before nursing school.
    Yes! There's hope for me after all. I currently have a 3.0 and if I get an A in my winter class, it'll go up.
    My school bases half their admission on your pre-req gpa, 25% on the teas, and the other 25% on your A&P 1 grade. I got an A- in A&P 1 and I'm retaking the teas for a higher score. So I hope those will make up for my lagging gpa.
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    Does the Teas score play a part in your acceptance? My GPA is 3.5 but my Teas score suxxxx.
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    The minimum GPA requirement for my school was 2.75, and yeah, it depends on the school. 2.9 was the pre-req gpa for my school, but at other schools where I applied, it went up or down. At one school, it was a 3.0, at another, it was a 3.3.
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    I applied twice and got in the second time with a GPA of 3.7
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    My undergrad and grad GPAs were 2.98 and 3.7, respectively, in an unrelated major. My prerequisite GPA is 4.0 I had finished A&P 1&2, micro, psych, lifespan, and chem. my school ranked by test scores first, then consider GPA, so GPA didn't really matter when I applied. But they are changing that now and they'll start using a point system.
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    My overall GPA was a 2.13

    Prereq GPA was a 3.6

    My school considers prereq GPA, TEAS V (I made a 90.7), and the essay.
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    At the time of application, I had a 3.5 w/ physiology in progress. After acceptance, I had a 3.6. My school also looked at the TEAS. You got extra points for being bilingual, having volunteer/healthcare experience, and living/going to school in the area. I was waitlisted, but somehow managed to get in.
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    Right now I have a 3.7 but I have alot more work to do... Like I just started school last semester... I hope I can do alot better next semester... 4.0 as far as pre reqs. 3.7 overall.
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    I technically had a 1.9 GPA, but with academic forgiveness and being able to start over I had a 3.5 going into Nursing School. I got a 2.75 this semester in my first semester of nursing school.
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    my pre req gpa was a 3.94
    Graduated this month with 3.4 (high distinction) that's with working, buying a house and being single mom just to toot my own horn!!
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    Pre nursing: 3.3

    Post nursing: 3.5

    I was of the very few in my class who's GPA went up in nursing school.

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