What courses did you take in conjunction with A & P?

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    Hello all,

    I'm taking my first class in a three term Anatomy and Physiology sequence this fall. My question for you folks is; How many, and what classes did you take in conjunction with A&P?

    I've completed micro and celllular biology, as well as genetics. While taking these courses I also took two other nursing prereqs for a total of 12 credits. I worked 40 hours and still found myself enjoying school and not remotely stressed.

    With A&P this fall, I am signed up for a total of four classes(16 credits). Ethics, Intro to Soc, Math and A&P.

    Thus far I have enjoyed my science classes, but I'm feeling slightly uneasy I may have taken on too much. I know this is something only truly I can determine, and am not asking you to do so. I also acknowledge that all individuals learn differently and have different circumstances regarding school (I.e, working or not, time contraints, children ect)
    but still I would love to get a perspective of other what other students schedules were/are when taking A&P!

    Whew - that was long. Thanks for your input.


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    Well I'm taking A & P1, Intermediate Algebra, and Zumba.
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    I have also had very packed schedules through nursing school. But A&P is hard and time consuming. I'm not sure what all I took then it was only 2 years ago. But I worked up to 32 hours a week. I think you"ll be fine if your prepared and time manage.
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    I took A & P 2 with College Algebra, Psychology 1101, and Microbiology. Made A's in everthing accept Psychology which I made a B in. I honestly focused on my science courses and left college algebra and psychology on the back burner. After I finished studying for 3 hours, I would glimpse my algebra assignment and do my homework. It was not hard at all. I was able to multitask very well. It really just depends on the individual and how hard they are willing to work to obtain their dreams. Good Luck. I start my nursing courses this Tuesday
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    Our A&P is different. It's 1 and 2 combined into a 5 credit hour class. I took that, college algebra, comp 1 and my 5 credit hour CNA class together, for 16 credit hours. Loved that pace.
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    I think I took English 2, College algebra, and Acting. But that was 7 years ago (scary) so I could be wrong.
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    I took A&P 1 (4 credits), general psych, college allgebra, career counseling, and weight training. This semester I am taking A&P II, developmental psych, cultural anthropology, and interpersonal communication. I made all A's last semester and plan to do the same this sememster.
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    Over the summer I took A&P I with nutrition. This fall I am taking A&P II with Micro and 20th cent humanities.
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    I took A&P 1 with Microbiology, Developmental Psych, Critical Thinking and a PE class I've forgotten, lol. I took A&P II with biochemistry, abnormal psych, ethics and a childhood education class.
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    I'm working 40 hours a week right now, and I'm only taking sociology along with A&P II. The studying is so time consuming, I don't want to overwhelm myself just yet, lol

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