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  1. RN_Student14

    Making Good money in the ATL area with minimum experience

    Exactly!! I applied for my first prn job after a year for supplement income. At that time, I was not sure what to expect. As a new grad I was thinking, "ok, with only one year I'll probably be offered $3.00 top more than I make now".. I was getting paid $24.00... When HR called me and stated I would get paid $32/base plus $4.00 nights... I could not believe it!!!!! I said to myself, why is no one telling us about this!!! Lol.. Smart move on your part.
  2. Hi Guys! I wanted to share a quick tip with new nurses. Straight out of school we do not get paid much, but once you have at least 1 yr experience under your belt, apply for full time prn positions ( yes, some of these positions have benefits because of full time status) or apply for a prn position for supplement income ( there are plans that require you work a minimum of 4days/month). Prn pay ranges from $32-$45/hr base pay depending on hospital.. Gwinnett, East Side, Northside, Emory, Grady, Dekalb, Piedmont etc all have prn positions and some hospitals only require you have 1 year nursing experience. The biggest reason staff pay differs from prn pay is because of benefits (prn don't qualify for it).. And because you will be the first flexed if the census is low. If you have specific questions, feel free to inbox me... I just wanted New grads to be aware you can make extra money with little experience!! Good day.
  3. RN_Student14

    New Grad Salary??

    I'm starting at $24.68 with $3.50 night diff, and $3.00 weekend diff.
  4. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    No I did not know anyone. I applied, interviewed, and was offered a position a couple days later. How is the job hunt going?
  5. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    Whatever you feel comfortable doing go for it. The manager is a sweet woman. Did you ever get to interview?
  6. RN_Student14

    hard to find a job

    Grady is hiring as well. You are experienced, so I am sure they would extend you a offer if they like how you interview :)
  7. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    Hey, if you received a call why would you need to speak to the director on tomorrow? ?
  8. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    Well congrats are in order! What study aid are you using?
  9. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    22-24 dollars. Depending on the hospital you work for.
  10. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    If you have a strong customer service back ground, have a degree in another area, etc it can help your chances too. I am pretty sure there are people who are hired without hospital experience. When did you graduate?
  11. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    I think they may still be hiring for ICU. When do you test?
  12. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    I do not have my schedule for the third week yet. I'll be sure to let you know when I find out. I am really excited. Now of course Will there be days I do not feel like working? Of course, that's with any job. But the experience I gain cannot be matched. What area are you interested in?
  13. RN_Student14

    First Week at Grady

    I feel at home. I walk in everyday with a smile on my face and know I made the right decision for my career. From the physicians to environmental services, everyone is very pleasant and acknowledges each other. I have not had patient care experience on the floor yet, first two weeks is nothing but hard core training. But I am very excited and can't wait. So if anyone is thinking about working at Grady or is not sure, I am here to tell you Grady is a fantastic place to get your feet wet. Great staff, safe environment, advancement opportunities and the list goes on and on. If you have any questions, just shoot me a message or reply to post.
  14. RN_Student14

    Grady Telemetry Interview

    Awwww! You remembered! Thank you dear. Nervous, excited, happy... I am just a ball of emotions. I am ready to learn a lot and to save so I can buy a nice home for my daughter and I. I'll let you know how my first day goes. :-)
  15. RN_Student14

    Atlanta Hospitals

    Good luck. I graduated in May. I have a ADN. I was offered a position at Grady... telemetry. I only have 11 months experience as a tech ( I worked at Dekalb not Grady) and I did not know anyone on the inside! From when I applied to when I was offered a position took 10 business days! Don't give up. You will find something. Good luck. Let us know how the interview go!
  16. RN_Student14

    Starting Salary ADN & BSN

    ADN grad. 23.68 not including differential for nights and weekend.