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    I'm taking some prerequisites and often go to my community college's tutoring lab for assistance with questions that come up when I'm working on chemistry and biology homework. Some days the hours of these resources don't work for my schedule and I could use some help.

    Does anyone know any good web forums or tutoring websites to get help with Chemistry, Microbiology, and Anatomy and Physiology questions? Education and grades are important to me, so I don't mind spending a little money on this.

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    For chemistry I suggest coursesaver.com It is really aiding my progress in Chem. The guy who gives the lectures is wonderful. You can even search Chad's lectures on google and he's the guy you want! It's not interactive but he's so clear on things it's not a problem. Plus it's totally free.

    Of course, Khanacademy is great too for bio and I think you can "enroll" and do the practice problems after each video.
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    Agreed! The Khan Academy will help you tons! Used it for algebra 1 and 2, chemistry, statistics, you name it. They also have an app so you can use it on the go. Good luck!
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    Mr Fords Anatomy ... His website and his youtubes are extremely helpful. Remember... Anatomy / Physiology is not just about memorization but also comprehension. Study smart.. Not hard.
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    Khan Academy is a lifesaver! And practice, practice, practice those problems in Chemistry! I did them nonstop. As far as Biology, I took that over the summer online and the only thing that helped me was reading and outlining my book. My professor was notorious for being difficult and putting things on the test that wasn't even in the book, but I still studied every little thing, probably a little too much. lol good luck!
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    Try khan academy. He has videos of human biology and chem. I found his videos very helpful
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    Quote from bryan_del
    Try khan academy. He has videos of human biology and chem. I found his videos very helpful
    try this. also YOUTUBE! YOUTUBE SAVED ME DURING ANATOMY PHYS AND CHEMISTRY. i listen to the videos while driving from a playlist, also while im walking around the house cleaning etc
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    I second the recommendation for Mr. Ford's Class (Google it) for A&P -- I signed up as a member so I could see all the videos and it was a HUGE help for my accelerated 8-week class.

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