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  1. JavaRN

    Web help for Biology and Chemistry

    I second the recommendation for Mr. Ford's Class (Google it) for A&P -- I signed up as a member so I could see all the videos and it was a HUGE help for my accelerated 8-week class.
  2. Hello, I'm at the beginning of my journey -- I will take my last exam in my A&P I class tomorrow. I already have a degree in another (non-science) field, and am looking for recent info about what the typical profile of an accepted NVCC Online-Hybrid Track RN Student is. Not what the requirements are, but what the cumulative GPA and pre-req GPA, TEAS scores, etc. of the typically accepted student is if anyone has that info. I see so much talk on the pre-nursing student boards about how only students with 4.0s should apply and yet the requirements are obviously much lower than that -- I'd like to get an idea of where the reality lies. Thanks!
  3. bumping in case there is anyone out there who might know the answers to my questions...
  4. JavaRN

    A&P 1 Fall 2013

    My all online (lab and lecture) A&P class started 8/21 and I'm already feeling a bit frustrated with the professor. I'm an older student and this is my first college course since earning my original (non-nursing-related) degree more than 20 years ago, so I don't know if my expectations were too high or what (I may be old, but I work in social media...) but I was expecting the professor to interact on the class discussion board more. I completed the first assignment on the first day and it has sat, ungraded all week long. Students have posted questions and days go by without acknowledgement. This is a 16-week course that has been condensed into 8 weeks and yet the professor appears to be making an appearance only once a week on the message board. We are basically educating ourselves. Has anyone else had this kind of experience with a pre-req course? We have a study guide, the Hole's text book, Connect, APR 3.0, a Chemistry text book and the discussion board. No other interaction with each other or the teacher except the discussion board. The subject matter itself is interesting! Thank you so much for the tips and materials you have been posting!

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