A Watched Kettle Never Boils: Waiting to Hear From Nursing Schools

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    The weeks of waiting for acceptance or rejection letters are dwindling down to days. Between the constant email-checking and All Nurses forum-checking, I wrestle with the thought that I have become a slave to thesix schools that hold my future in their hands.

    It’s bad, folks… Especially in the evenings, when I eagerly check my home mailbox only to find a Penny Saver and Del Taco coupons, a mockery of a consolation prize. My fate for the day is sealed and I know that the hope of receiving any responses is dead. All I can do is wait to repeat this agonizing ritual again the next day.

    The kettle is not boiling because I always have an eye on it. My mind is screaming, “BOIL ALREADY!” but, of course, that never helps.

    What about you? How do you pass the time to keep from going crazy?
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    Take heart! The letters will come!

    I waited and waited. They told us they would send it on Date X. Nothing came. They told us they would send it on Date Y. Nothing came. Finally, on Date Z, the beautifully typed email arrived in my inbox.

    The letters will come.

    (And walking out to your mailbox a few extra times a day will help you get in a little exercise.)
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    I am still waiting, but I do not expect to hear anything until the middle of May. I am keeping busy with my current courses and then plan of starting to prepare for the HESI test while I am waiting. I keep telling myself there is nothing I can do to continue on in the interview process, but ask me again in May and I may not be as patient. Good luck!
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    Besides checking my mail every day when I get home (used to check it only a few times a week) I am doing nothing special, besides spending too much time on here. I'm too busy with classes, family, and preparing for a temporary move!

    But if it makes you feel any better, if the programs you applied to required an essay (and if your GPA is pretty good) you will probably get in. You write well and are dang funny! :-) Good luck!
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    I am in the same boat as you. I feel like I'm stalking the mail box! Every day, I race to see if I have a letter, only to be disappointed that there's nothing but junk in there. It feels like it's taking FOREVER to find out!!!!!! I just want to know..even if it's bad news. I'd rather know. Not knowing is driving me crazy!

    Hopefully, I'll know by the end of next week. Fingers crossed!
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    I feel your pain!! We are supposed to find out by April 15th. The wait is torturous.
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    Yesss.. so true. How many weeks do your programs say they'll take to get back to you? Mine said 12-13 weeks. I applied by Feb 1st so that means end of April/early May for me... ugh.
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    I was constantly checking e-mails and snail mail and driving myself crazy. Especially when I was told we would hear by 4/9 and NOTHING CAME! ARGH! Then today, I came home from school and found a nice surprise in my mailbox. My wait was finally over. I'm in.

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    I'm applying June 1st and I won't hear back until October! That's because you can apply up until September 1st...I'd like to send it in right away just to make sure they receive everything in time, however waiting 5 months will kill me!! Good luck to you!!
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    I feel your pain! I applied back in October and just heard back on 4/6/13 that I was accepted. The whole time was the worst wait ever!!!! Good luck
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