The competition....

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    This is probably going to come across as harsh and mean, but sometimes I look around either on here or at colleagues also working on their nursing pre-reqs, and I think "THIS is my competition?!?!"

    Does this happen to anyone else? The thing that bugs me is likely, a lot of the "competition" will be accepted before me, because they were able to not work full time and attend classes. They may be book smart, but have no common sense....

    I'm really not trying to be mean I'm just curious if anyone else experiences this or did once experience it and is now enrolled in a nursing program......

    I've been a CNA for 5 years, 3 of them in a hospital setting, and I know this is what I want to do for a living. I feel like I have a better understanding than most of what nursing is really like, although I know it will be even more so when I'm actually employed as a Nurse. That being said, the school I go to won't consider my years as a CNA when I apply for the RN program. They base acceptance on nothing but GPA and high TEAS scores.... I hate it.

    Here I am, with a willingness to learn and grow and darn near certain Nursing is what God put me here to do. I have worked along side awesome Docs and Nurses who want to teach me and sometimes even take extra time to show me skills because of the interest I show. And it counts for nothing. Ugh! It makes me so angry.....

    Then there is the new high school grad who is able to stay home with Mom and Dad and focus of their studies resulting in a great GPA. They aren't really sure what they want to do in life, but maybe Mom is a RN, so they decide to apply for nursing.....and they get in.

    And there's me, with the above experience but not the greatest GPA because my Husband and full time Job require so much from me that my studies have suffered, But I am absolutely sure of what I want to do and I am really good at what I currently do. There is no doubt in my mind I'll make a good nurse someday....

    Anyways, Just a vent. I really think more than GPA should be considered for nursing school, and maybe some schools do take healthcare experience into consideration, I don't know. I just can't help but feel defeated when I think about it.....
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    The school you're interested in doesn't require your work history? Because if they do, I assume they'll look at it...
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    I think many of us have felt that way when we were in school. I was a CNA for many years and worked in every setting just so I could see different sides of healthcare. All while being a wife and mother, youngest son has a rare disability that will always require someone be with him, I took in my nephew during nursing school and became foster parents to another boy at the same time (both teenagers recovering from addictions, long story but it had to be done). Then I go to class and literally two girls were talking about what there moms were going to put in their Easter baskets!!! Really?! This was nursing class, it took everything I had to keep quiet... I got mostly B's in school, don't worry about them. I know my kids are not allowed to live at home past age 18 going to college or not, I want them to stand on their own as adults (except my disabled son he will always have to live with me), but some people choose to let their kids stay home. I agree though, all the "kids" I met didn't even know for sure if nursing was for them. One was in it because she had to pick some major or get a job... She was very upset with her parents that they would even consider she could work and take classes while living at home for free. Rough life right?! Oh I don't miss college. Thanks for the memories though :/
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    I definitely know what you mean. I have been out of high school for two years (so yeah, i guess a recent high school grad), but I am also a single mom. It irks me to no end when I hear someone talking about how we are receiving too much work and that they don't have time to fit it into their "busy schedules". I just want to scream, "how about taking care of a 13 month old on top of all this work?!". Thankfully my mother watches my daughter while I am at school, and volunteering at the hospital, but other than that I am on my own. I wouldn't trade my daughter for anything, but sometimes I do wish I could just focus on my schoolwork and get a perfect 4.0 GPA. I know this will never happen, so I just let it go and do my best. I would be lying to you if I wasn't worried about getting in to nursing school. Even if I have to apply, and apply again I will continue to try!

    At my school getting into nursing school is as follows:
    35% cumulative GPA
    30% pre nursing GPA
    20% pre nursing assessment (PAX test. We have to at least get a 120)
    5% interview
    5% hand written paper on nursing
    5% [FONT=LucidaGrande]Resume including Health/Service Related Employment or Volunteer Service.

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    I totally understand your frustration. My school is known for it's well-regarded nursing program and so when I was going through the prerequisites it seemed like everyone was gunning for the RN program. And yes, there were a lot of students (both way older than myself and fresh out of high school, it should be said) who had impressive GPA's but very little common sense. But guess what? Almost none of them made it into the nursing program. I was a supplemental instructor for physiology and I can tell you that many of the students I worked with built up great GPA's while taking relatively easy general ed classes and then were completely stumped by the more difficult sciences (specifically anatomy, physiology and micro). This is why a lot of programs weight one's "nursing GPA" separately from one's overall GPA - it tends to weed out a lot of people who are going to struggle with nursing curriculum and critical thinking in general.

    I'm sorry that your school doesn't give any credit for relevant work experience - many others do, so maybe you could look into applying to a few other programs that will take your CNA experience into consideration. But please try not to dwell on "the competition" too much - I know it can be frustrating to watch younger and more inexperienced students move ahead of you but nursing school is not necessarily a zero-sum game. If a classmate is accepted into the program it's because they've earned their seat fair and square by demonstrating to admissions that they can handle the coursework, and you'll only drive yourself crazy by making assumptions about who is the most "deserving." You know nursing is where you want to be and you have some great work experience under your belt, so just focus on your own GPA and TEAS score and you'll get there.
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    ^Haha, wow. Umm, yes, people can work and take classes at the same time. That poor, misguided girl.

    Also, to Glycerine82, keep in mind that some people who are able to just do prereqs and not work are aware of the privilege they have. Of course, some are not. But that's life.

    I'm lucky to have a full-time job and a supportive partner while I'm taking my classes (it's going to take me about 2 years to complete them all, I think, since a couple of the schools I'm interested in require more than just the basics). At the same time, I'm aware other people have to work more than full-time, or don't have supportive partners, or have kids to care for, etc etc.

    To my knowledge, most schools do look at more than just GPA.

    Anyway, I'd say forget about the "competition" and just focus on doing your best! No sense in wasting energy on things like that.
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    I understand what you're saying, and I don't disagree. However, as one of those girls who started college right out of high school, lives off of her parents' income, and has zero healthcare experience, I am thankful that nursing school ​doesn't consider the things you mentioned. I feel like I'm not taken seriously in most situations because I'm young and inexperienced. I know I don't have as much life experience and common sense a you, and I definitely don't deserve this opportunity as much as you do. But, I just want a chance, one chance to prove myself. We can probably both agree on that.
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    Quote from clairefromsandiego
    The school you're interested in doesn't require your work history? Because if they do, I assume they'll look at it...
    I assume they want to know about my work history but it has nothing to do with being admitted. You are admitted on a points system, and the only way to get points is by your GPA, certain extra classes you can take and the TEAS. YOu are not awarded any points based on what you do for work.
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    I can relate, I was working full time, took on 12 + units because the program I was in required it, and struggled alot, got B's in all my sciences mostly because my sciences is all I had left so i was doubling up on anatomy, physiology, chem, o chem, and micro, while my other classmates were just taking one class at a time or a extremely easy no brainer physical fitness class along side with it, and they had the A's. So I always felt "less". I can totally relate with you
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    As someone who has just turned 19 and has been accepted into a nursing program, starting this fall, I'd like to voice my opinion. While there are those who are blissfully unaware of the struggles many of their classmates face while juggling a strenuous curriculum that requires, often times, a 75% or above to even be considered passing, there are others who are thankful to not have to work or support a family during this stressful time.

    You might not think it is fair that people who have just graduated high school and are living off of their parents' income are able to start before you, but I think it is unfair to hold their circumstances against them, positive or negative. For example, I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 15. I started concurrent enrollment at the age of 16, and had all of my prerequisites done by the time I was 18. Some of us ARE certain of what we want to do and have done what is necessary to get there as quickly as possible.

    For every student who is blaming their job or homelife for a lower GPA, there is a student triumphing over how they were able to maintain a stellar GPA while working or raising kids. I think the attitude of "I am more qualified than this person and I think it is unfair that they got in." is a bit undesirable.
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