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Spring 2014

  1. 0 What prerequisites are you guys taking for spring 2014? How many prerequisites do you have until you move to the general nursing forum? What are y'all's GPA? Mines is currently a 3.7. The classes I'm enrolled in for spring 2014 are:

    1) general psychology
    2) English II
    3) nutrition
    4) computer applications.

    I have 5 more classes to take before I'm able to start my actual nursing courses.
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    For spring 2014, I'll be taking A&P 2 w/ lab, and Microbiology w/ lab. Those are my last prereqs before I can apply for the nursing program! I have a 4.0 GPA.
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    I am just starting out. lol

    Basic math
    English I
    Learning Frameworks
    American music

    Im not really happy about the Leanring frameworks or the music but they are required at my college. Boo
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    This spring I'll be taking Micro, A&P 2 & PreCal. These are the last classes needed for my program. GPA is a 3.6 it dropped a little from last semester from a 3.8
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    I actually start my BSN program in January, so I'll be taking:
    My current cumulative GPA is 3.43
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    I actually start my program in January!

    1) Nursing 160
    2) Nursing 170
    3) Nursing 163
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    Quote from bluesky94
    For spring 2014, I'll be taking A&P 2 w/ lab, and Microbiology w/ lab. Those are my last prereqs before I can apply for the nursing program! I have a 4.0 GPA.
    How was and A&P I? Any tips? I plan on taking my sciences next summer.
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    ill have my nutrition minor completed spring 2014-- all in one year ! woot woot haha !
    GPA: 3.5

    Foundations of Nursing
    Advanced Nutrition
    Nutrition in Public Health and Epidemiology
    Nutrition Education and Counseling
    Nutrition Assessment
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    Good day:

    For spring 2014, I'll be taking the following prerequisites:

    * Anatomy and Physiology II
    * Life Cycle Development
    * Microbiology
    * Nutrition

    Technically, after the above, I'm done for my prerequisites at the one RN nursing school for which I've already been accepted. However, Jesus willing, come the summer semester, I'll be taking one to three additional courses which will complete the prerequisites for another nursing school (just to keep more doors open). Finally, God willing, I'll be in a RN program August 2014.

    Thank you.
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    Concepts of Chemistry
    English 2
    Public Speaking

    Im retaking Chem for a higher grade. After this semester ill need to take AP1 and 2 and then I can apply.
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    For Spring 2014 I'll be taking:

    *A&P II Lecture/Lab
    *Microbiology Lecture/Lab
    *Aerobics (PE Course--Univ. Requirement)

    After that I'll be taking Pathophysiology in the Summer of 2014 with the hope of starting BSN program in August.

    I'm applying to the nursing program in January with a current GPA of 3.8.
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    First semester of ns
    Fundamentals of nursing + lab
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    I'm taking my last three pre-reqs: Microbiology, Statistics and Ethics. Hoping to start the program next fall! I will turn in my application this week and should hear back by February sometime. I was able to maintain my 4.0 again this last semester.