Spring 2013

  1. I just got my reg date for the Spring 2013 semester and I got priority reg because of being in the Honors Program. I now know that I will be able to get into the classes that I was not able to get into before. I am planning on taking:

    A and P 101
    Chemistry 107(Biochem)
    English Comp

    This I think will be my hardest semester yet. What about you???? Let me know what's going on for you next semester
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  3. by   jvanwoman
    Microbiology and chem101
  4. by   Graduation2016
    Chemistry and lab from January until Match with an English class and then from March until May I have micro with lab and A&P 2 with lab. Can't wait!
  5. by   i♥words
    A nursing class that's basically the history of/basic info/what you can and can't do/etc
    Fine arts
    Lifespan and development psychology

    So excited for a new semester and a new schedule.
  6. by   queserasera
    Developmental Psychology
    Writing for Professionals
    Creative writing (Which I don't want to take but I took it before, about 3 years ago before I knew what my major would be, and it's my only C on my transcript so I'm retaking it)

    Good luck to everyone in their spring semester!
  7. by   tmartin87_05
    For spring I have microbiology, A&P 1, english 2 (online), success in nursing (online, first 8wks), lifespan psych (online, second 8wks). I'm really excited to be starting new classes soon! I'm tired of my psych 1, english 1, and intro to biology. Ready for something new. A little worried I may be taking on too much next semester but I'll make it work. I'm a stay at home mom of 2 boys (6&3). Anybody else getting their associates in applied science nursing degree? Mines a 2yr program through my local community college.
  8. by   ConstantlyEvolving
    Well spring will be my last & final semester of pre-reqs so I will be taking a&p 1, psych 101 & nutrition! Then I have to wait patiently until Sept 1, 2013 to submit my petition for the Spring 2014 class!
  9. by   SakuraChan
    Aah! My registration date is next Tuesday and I'm freaking out! (I'm in the honors program at my CCC too!) Luckily, I contacted my Honors counselor and thankfully (SO thankful) she's having walk-in appointments tomorrow....

    But anyways...my schedule:

    -A&P II
    -CHEM 101 OR 107 (not sure if I should take Chem of Life -its called like that at my CC-)
    -Nutrition 101
    -English 101

    I'm thinking of not doing CHEM and A&P together...because a lot of people have advised me not to...but I'm so tempted to do it because I'm typically the student that if she's not pressured, will go into procrastination mode...thus, I am speaking to my counselor tomorrow and hopefully she'll give me her advice...all I know for sure is that I need a 4.0....LOL!!!

    Good luck to everyone! (: I've been staring at my school's spring schedule for days now....haha.
  10. by   Lovely86
    I cannot wait until this semester is over! I am so mad about the Chemistry for Health Sciences and Psychology -Human Growth and Development classes that I am taking right now online. The teachers are just terrible and never respond to any questions!
    Next semester I will be taking:

    Nursing Fundamentals (7credits)
    A&P II (4credits)

    Other than that I still need my Microbiology class taken care of but they only offer this one on a Friday afternoon, and it would interfere with my lab and clinicals for nursing. During the summer then
  11. by   queserasera
    I see a lot of people taking a&p I with another science class, stop! You're all making me think I want to take 2 science classes!!
  12. by   meeep
    I am way too chicken to take 2 science classes at once! Y'all are some brave ladies! I am taking:

    - A&P I
    - Statistics
    - Growth & Development
    - World History
  13. by   stephanne
    I'm taking a&p1, psych life span, statistics for health sciences and ethics lol

    Hope I'll be okay
  14. by   SopranoKris
    I'm done with all my pre-reqs and won't know if I'm accepted into the program until April. So, I'm working on classes towards the BSN in the mean time. I'm taking the following:

    Chem Lab
    Phlebotomy Externship (1/2 semester, just have to get 125 draws in to get my certification)

    After taking 6 classes this semester, next one will be a breeze