So I have a questions about being Pre-Nursing Student.

  1. So, I toured one of my favorite colleges today, and I went with the Nursing group and they said that only 60 students get admitted to the Nursing Program a year. Even if I do have the good grades, and good GPA, what happens if I don't get admitted into Nursing school? I know that I could reapply, however, what happens if you still don't get in? Do you take extra classes until you get accepted into Nursing School?

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    Nurse Faith
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  3. by   zoe92
    If you have the highest grades you can possibly get, then I would try volunteering, become certified as a CNA and get some academic recommendations. I would say apply to more than 1 school or program. This way you have more of a chance of being accepted.
  4. by   LillyBud
    Look around at other colleges. I am sure you have your heart set on this, but I guarantee that your employer will be less concerned with where you received your diploma than you are... They don't teach you any more at expensive colleges than they would at your local community college. Waiting lists stink, but you can catch up on your pre reqs in that time!
  5. by   Exhaustipated
    I'm applying for an ADN program. If the unthinkable happens and I'm rejected, I'll take courses toward a bachelor's degree and bide my time until the next application process comes around.
  6. by   x_factor
    My program I am applying to this semester for fall admission said they get about 500 applications and only 60 slots are available. If I'm not accepted, I'll spend the fall semester taking the additional 4 classes the local University requires for their BSN program, and apply there for Spring admission along with a couple other BSN programs.
  7. by   hodgieRN
    Apply to as many programs as possible. Just keep trying if you don't get in the first time.
  8. by   Guy in Babyland
    If you don't get accepted, you need to find out why and how far down on the list were you. If you were close to being accepted and there is something that you can improve, like a TEAS score, then do it. Otherwise look at other nursing programs and apply to them, or take pre-req. for a BSN program.
  9. by   queserasera
    You have to figure out how bad you missed the mark on getting accepted. If you were at the bottom of the list, you may want to reconsider your major. People here will blow rasberries on your belly and make you feel good about "anything is possible if you work for it" but you have to be realistic. If you missed it by just a few people, try again. I think as long as you're realistic about what you're capable of you'll be fine.
  10. by   vintagemother
    Find out how the school selects the students. In my area, there are several different types of nursing school selection proceses, depending on which school you want to attend.

    • There are random lotteries in which grades, work, experience don't matter.
    • There are also wait list schools in which additional criteria don't matter, everyone waits 2-3 years (or something)
    • There are also partial merit schools that only select candidates based on them earning enough points to get into a random lottery. The points are derived from experience, grades, test scores, etc.
    • There are full merit schools that are only point based. These use grades and TEAS scores to accumulate 90% of the points. But a few points can be earned by work experience, volunteer hours, disadvantaged past, etc. Among point based schools, some look at all college classes and some look at just prenursing classes. Depends on which University you want to attend.
    • There are schools that consider the entire applicant. At the school I'm thinking of, avg GPA is something like 3.5, but they also look at work history, test scores and pay close attention to science grades.

    You can also pay a lot of money to a private school and wait lists disappear, LOL!