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    I'm at a crossroad. I just received my Bachelors Degree in Health Science. My overall goal is to become a Public Health Nurse. I have a five year old and work fulltime for the gov't(LA County). I live with a roommate and do not have the luxury of moving back home. So I have a couple of ideas: 1.) apply to an accelerated BSN program(12-15months)or Entry Level Master Nursing Program, take a leave of absence from work or resign, and for financial concerns, do savings, borrow from retirement and loans; or 2.)apply to Master's of Public Health Program and then consider nursing school afterwards. My biggest concern is having a stable income for my child. By the way, I did the nursing program ten years ago but dropped the very last semester of the program because of family issues.

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    It doesn't seem that you have support system that would help you look out for your child if/when money runs out. Your 5-year-old is priority... so I'd suggest you go route #2 while you work and worry about nursing school at a later time.
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    That was my first choice in the beginning but the more I talk to people about it, the more I get a bit of hope with meticulous budgeting.
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    If your ultimate goal is to become a public health nurse, do not delay any longer. Check to see if there is a part time accelerated program where you could continue to work part time and if not you should qualify for some sort of financial assistance. The accelerated program will only be a year or so, so you will not have to borrow an extreme amount of money. I think the Masters in public health or health science will only waste more time and money in the long run. I have friends who completed nursing school with children. I know it's hard to find quality Childcare, but there are options.
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    I totally agree with NurseNikki. OP, what are you waiting for. Don't waste anymore time. Go straight for the nursing degree. You will have more doors opened for you!
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    You need to think about childcare as well.

    Who's going to care for your child if you're working shift work including weekends?

    I was a single mom for most of my adult life....priority number one is always the child (children). Go for whatever job/career that is going to cover your bills and allow you time with your child.
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    Just my thoughts,

    Getting a nursing job out of school has been extremely challenging across the country lately.

    It is a combination of luck and location for the most part.

    Many a new/potential new nurse has come to this site stating that they are going to work in Peds, NICU, ER or as a Flight Nurse.
    New grads also post to this site (sometimes the same ones) that after 12 months of searching for a job they are willing to cut off an arm and work for free just to get experience anywhere.

    Public Health nurse can be a very hard position to get. Trust me, I have a friend that has been trying for years and is still stuck in acute care on a floor she hates (and she is willing to locate).

    Don't assume your background will help...

    -Just like the military medics, paramedics and ER technicians of many years experience sometimes find they aren't rushed through the door to work in the ER.

    -Just like the LPN's with years of experience aren't always given consideration for this when trying to find a job as an RN.

    -You may find yourself in the same place.

    I hope I do not come across in this post as cynical, but I only want to offer a balanced response. Only you know how bad you want this. Only you have to make the sacrifices.

    If you make the plunge, consider that it make take you the national average of 6-12 months post graduation to find employment, and that your first job may have nothing to do with your ultimate goal. It may take years to get what you want.

    Peace and luck
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    Thanks for the feedback. I have my family supporting me in regards to child care. Yes LaughingRn, if I had a dollar for every story I've heard about new grads struggling to find work. I know it's going to be a nightmare trying to find work but my passion has always medical, I guess I'm just ready to do something healthcare related.
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    I was in your situation Years ago.I Choose to do what was right for my kids at the time,I now regret that decision because If I had suffered through the pain then my life would be better now.Whenever you go back to school you will have less time with your child..whether you do it now or in the future,but as our kids grow their needs and demands grow,they cost more and they have more activities and financial needs.From one single Parent to the next-I would say to do it now as long as you have childcare for your kid.

    Its better to be poor with a 5 year old than poor with a teenager.

    I always wanted a life where I'm able to pick my kids up from school and study with them.I know that kids get into the most trouble after school when they don't have supervision or activities to keep them busy,so Now I have to balance My school,work,Their school(And when they get old enough YOU will be spending a LOT of time helping with homework!) Activities,sports,and being SURE that I am there for them EVERYDAY after school and at all sports and performances.

    Something had to give...It was work.I can only work part time while doing all of this and forget about a social life.I should have done this while they were smaller.

    In the end YOU have to make this decision because you and ONLY you have to live with the consequences.

    But If I could rewind time I would have done it back then with my savings and worked ANYWHERE that fit into my schedule to supplement my income.
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    You could also just SAVE as much as you can for 1-2 years,then quit your job and go back.I mean bare down to the minimum!!! L.A. is expensive..I would move somewhere cheaper(Riverside county) If you can still get to work without using too much gas,cut down my phone bill,(Mine costs 30 bucks a month for 1,000 minutes.I use my roommates phone when I'm in the house because its unlimited.) Take public transportation,cut out Cable and anything else....

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