Sequence of sciences

  1. I am a new prenursing student. I just started Biology and will be starting sociology Monday. The classes are in accelearated 8 week formats. I am finding already that the Biology is a lot of work.

    Anyway, I was wondering about the sequence of classes and feel like maybe chemistry would have been best to start with because Biology so far seems like mostly chemistry.

    But, I am in it now so I was wondering about the other sequence of science classes. I plan to take chemistry alone. What would you take in what order out of Biology, chemistry, A & P 1 and 2, and microbiology? Would you take microbiology before chemistry or even A&P? I want to get a really good understanding of these classes and feel like chemistry would have been best to start with, but it is too late for that.
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  3. by   Compassion_x
    General biology wasn't required with my program. I took chem, micro, a&p1, a&p 2 (all different semesters). Some people recommend taking micro after a&p, but I found it worked better for me to take micro first (although it was the only C I've gotten in 5 full semesters).
  4. by   zoe92
    I took intro bio (fall 2011), microbiology & nutrition together (spring 2012), chemistry (summer 2012), a & p 1 (fall 2012), and finally now I'm in a & p 2.
  5. by   Stephalump
    I'd take it in the order you listed.

    Bio, Chem, A&P and 2, and then Micro.

    I don't think the order really matters all that much to be honest, although we were required to take at least the first half of A&P before Micro. You'll find redundant information along the way, but it'll be just that much more cemented in your brain
  6. by   queserasera
    I did
    (Spring 2012) General Bio & Chem I
    (Fall 2012) Nutrition and Chem II
    (Spring 2013) Micro & A&PI
    (Summer 2013)A&PII & Organic Chem I
    (Fall 2013) Organic Chem II.

    (Obviously the chemistries past chem I aren't necessary for most nursing programs, I just like science)
  7. by   Saysfaa
    Anatomy before physiology
    Chemistry before physiology
    Chemistry before micro

    Either physiology before micro, which will help with micro
    Or micro before physiology, which will help with physiology
    (there is no one right answer to these two)

    Don't worry about the Biology. Yes, chemistry may have helped some but probably not more than having the chemistry be more recent when when you take physiology and micro.
  8. by   mytwoboysmom
    I took A&P I&II first, then Chem. I wish I had taken Chem first, because there were times during Chem, that I had the "AH-Ha!" moment finally getting something that I had not understood in A&P, but chem made it perfectly clear.
  9. by   Sweet charm
    I'm taking

    Spring 2013
    Anatomy 1 and chemistry

    Fall 2013
    Physiology 1 and micro biology
  10. by   Alisonisayoshi
    Spring 2013: Anatomy, Chem

    Fall: physiology, micro

    Spring: application and TEAS

    Everything is done for me accept sciences!