Semester is over / Psychology question

  1. Well, I got my first semester over, and I got an B in Bio, A in Alg and A in Eng. Actually, it surprised me I made a 99.0 on my Final Exam for my Algebra. . . I was thrilled. This Summer, I'm doing psychology and the diet & nutrition.
    I'm just sooooo relieved to get that first semester over.

    For those who have completed your psychology, was it hard or sweet and fluffy?
    I heard it consisted of tons of reading. I'm not so worried about the diet & nutrition.

    I know come Fall semester, it's going to be a challenge! I have Statistics, Anatomy & Physiology also Chemistry 151. I dread that semester!

    One day at a time! Only thing I'm concerned about is the Psychology, which I start in two weeks. Some say it's easy, others say it's hard??? What says you???
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  3. by   Simplistic
    I thought psychology was fairly simple. I never opened the book in that class and finished with an A. However, it all depends on your teacher..
  4. by   Eleven
    Which psychology class is it? (I'm guessing intro but just in case.) Intro to Psych was very easy, especially if you took any psych in high school. Childhood psych was not hard, very basic if you have much exposure to kids at all. Abnormal psych was harder, took a lot of memorizing and correctly deducing the case studies. I am taking developmental over the summer, but everyone (in my school) has said it's very straightforward.

    Congratulations on your first semester, well done on those courses.
  5. by   PrereqTaker89
    Very doable I took psych and nutrition last summer. I read about 3 hours a day to be successful in both of them.
  6. by   KariT
    I took both Pysch 101 and 102 (Lifespan Development) in the same semester and was really easy to get high A's in both. Same with nutrition in which I took that with 6 other classes. Of course there is paper writing, reading, and research projects associated with these types of classes, but I assure you getting and A or B in these classes are the norm if you just do your work.
  7. by   rob95
    Congrats on your grades!!!

    The difficulty of any class mainly depends on your professor. Psychology was simple and actually fun for me because I became more and more interested in the subject throughout the course. Then again, that could have been because of how our professor laid it out for us
  8. by   mindofmidwifery
    I felt that psych was easy. There wasn't a lot of reading in my class; I just took notes from lecture. However, there were a lot of papers.
  9. by   m1lkofamnesia
    It was a cakewalk for me. My professor was pretty cool, and made the class interesting. I enjoyed the course!
  10. by   imhorsemackerel
    Intro to psych was alright from what I can remember. I thought it was interesting. I ended up going for my LPN after getting a bachelor's in psych and a lot of people you'll learn about (like Freud, Eriksen, and Maslow) were brought up constantly. So when we were going over their theories during life development and later during peds and geri roatations, the stages for each theory weren't as confusing to me as they were to my peers.
  11. by   rock hopper
    Psychology was a cakewalk, and I was a pretty bad student when I got my degree in it.

    I did enjoy it immensely though.
  12. by   adventure_rn
    Like others have said, the material is relatively straightforward. However, there may be a fair amount of memorization (i.e. Erikson's stages, regions of the brain, etc.) Psych 101 is mainly a historical review of key psychologists (i.e. Freud, Piaget, Erikson, Pavlov, Harlow, Maslow) and their psychological theories/frameworks. The theories aren't hard, but you have to memorize their structure and components.

    I wasn't a fan of Psych 101; I found it pretty boring and tedious. Enjoyed abnormal psych much more.
  13. by   FolksBtrippin
    I loved psych. One of the most interesting classes. For that reason, its an easy A.
  14. by   BookishBelle
    I agree- intro to psych was fun and an easy A! I do read the blogs on psychology today just for fun though. But gaining insight into your own thought processes is pretty interesting.