Scared to death about A&P

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    My A&P class starts May 20th, and I am scared to death. This class is the one that will help me decide if I am going LPN, or if I will go straight to my BSN. I am petrified I will fail, shoot I am even scared about spending the almost $500 on the books alone. I know it can be passed, but man, the counselor at school made me even more nervous. She told me that out of the 60 people that start the class about 20 pass.

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    Don't be scared, be positive!! you CAN do it!!!! I am in A&P I right now. It's not as scary as you think, it's actually very interesting. Try to stay focused and you will do great!! Feel free to ask questions, if I can somehow help =)
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    I thought that too. But once you study it, it will stick with you. Its pretty easy once you are expose to it and have a great instructor like i did who can teach! It covers the different body functions and systems ( cardiovascular, reproductive, musculoskeletal, blood, digestive etc.) stay positive
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    If you study hard, you will pass. It is a lot of anxiety going into it, but it is a pretty interesting class so studying it is not bad. I do recommend making sure you have a good teacher. Not an easy one, but a teacher who knows how to teach the material properly.
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    Don't stress too much! I took A&P a few years ago and I was just as scared as you are. Truthfully, it is not as bad as you think. Yes, you will have to study hard...but it really is not that bad! I actually liked A&P more than Microbiology (which is what I took last year). I am sure you will do great!
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    If you go into it with the expectation that A&P will be challenging but willing to work/study hard and devote the time to it, you will do fine. It isn't like a general ed class you can just breeze by, it is work, but it is doable!!! It is the kind of work that when you accomplish it, you can feel proud!!! Stressing about it won't help you do well, just plan to study hard and be determined to do well.
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    This is the one class I can't wait to start. I know it's going to be a lot of extra time studying, but it beats the heck out of essays on critiquing rhetoric I've told my self that A&P is just the tip of the iceburg when REAL nursing school kicks in. Good luck! You can do it!!
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    True, more than half of the class drops it. But that is to weed out people who aren't really serious about it. It is a very tough course. If you set your mind to A&P and nothing else you can do it. I did A&P 1 in 15 weeks and got a B- (I had 4 kids and was pregnant with my 5th). I took A&P 2 in the summer 4 weeks and got an A- with 5 kids. You really have to understand the physiology part (you can't memorize it, or you wont remember or understand). The lab section I just took pictures of the models, printed out the pictures and labeled the pictures with the parts that I was required to know. I got 98s-100s in lab. Lecture was tougher for me, but I still did it. Good luck, you can do it. Study all the time, and try to take that course by itself if you can.
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    I'm nervous too! I'm taking A&P I AND II this summer! They are both 5 week sessions so I'm doing everything I can to prepare! Come join us in the thread "who's taking A&P this summer"

    Lot's of helpful tips!
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    If you study, which includes learning the concepts, you'll do fine. There's a ton of resources available, such as YouTube, Google, libraries, and tutors. It's not hard, just the amount of information you have to absorb in a short amount time. Don't allow other's experience dictate yours, because you'll go in with the mindset of it being difficult and fail. It happened to me, and I ended up making A's in all biology courses. Plus, I didn't want 600+ of my money on books to go down the drain. You'll do fine!
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