Rethinking my choice

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    After reading this site, and talking to some nurses while shadowing, I am not sure I want to be a nurse anymore.

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    Why is that?
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    Okay, that's your choice to make. It's certainly not for everyone.
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    Being a nurse is not for everyone. If you still want to work in the health field there are plenty of other roles that you can play that does not include direct patient care. I wish you all the luck.
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    It just seems like for every one post about how people like being a nurse, there are 100 about how much they hate it. It is scaring me honestly. To be working at unsafe patient /nurse ratio, constantly afraid to lose your license... new nurses searching for months and ending up with a crappy low paying nursing job.
    Seems like the only people excited about nursing are the students.
    I am going to continue with my general education/ pre-nursing classes and hope volunteering at the hospital will help me decide which way to go.
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    You have to remember that people come here to vent to others that know where they are coming from. Very few come and start threads about what a great day they had.It doesn't always mean that they hate nursing or being a nurse.I love my job.

    But no one can make the decision but you. Nursing is not for everyone.Have you considered becoming a CNA?
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    I am not a nurse yet and agree that all the negative comments seen here can be disconcerting! However, if you visit any forum regarding a specific topic most of the posts are negative or complaining. More people looking for support go to vent and complain rather than those who are happy. In every job, you can ask if people love it...there are always negatives and positives and I guess it depends on if you are stuck or able to move on - generally if you feel stuck, the more negative and hateful you feel about something! As a new grad, I think many feel stuck becuz they just spent so much time and money learning and feel they need to hone their skills at bedside nursing, but really there are so many options in depends on what you want. I think working in the hospital under a nurses direction is a good place to start to find if nursing really is for you - for example patient care sitters, nursing assistants or whatever else people do.
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    Unfortunately you will here nurses complain and say how much they hate what they do but stay stuck in a position spreading their negativity when nursing is so diverse with all kinds of opportunities. I refuse to listen to that and tell them they need to move on. I have been a nurse for 30 yrs and have never regretted my career choice. Yes there are days you just wish it was over but tomorrow is another day. Nursing is a thankless job it's within ourselves to find the satisfaction. For me it's when a patient smiles or squeezes my hand it's the unspoken words that I have made a difference. Follow your own heart and make a career plan and go for it.
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    Coming from a teaching background, I think of as the teacher's lounge equivalent after teachers have had a busy or stressful day. Just like nurses have HIPPA, teachers cannot legally name names and discuss certain specifics, but they can vent. It doesn't mean they are bad teachers or do not like their jobs, though. It's like when you were a child and your parent told you they didn't love your behavior but they still loved you.

    When your friends from work are going through the same things you are, it's nice to get a fresh perspective on here with others who may be going through what you are.
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    I think it is great that you shadowed a nurse. That gives you the best insight. Have you rethought about it because you were scared you didn't know what was going on? That's what nursing school will do, help you to know what to do. Or was it because you saw that you just don't like the responsibility and things associated with it?

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