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    I'd like to record my lectures in A&P and Micro so I can play them back when I'm commuting to/from work (sometimes 45 min one way). What recorder can I get so I can put the recording on my iPhone and then dock in my car to play on the speakers?

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    I'm no help with suggesting a recorder that can be used with the iPhone...however, please make sure you get consent from your instructor before you tape their lectures. We had one instructor threatening to sue us if she ever caught us recording her lectures. Other instructors were okay with it. Just please make sure it is okay with them.
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    The iPhone itself has a recording function. I would just use that.
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    I used to record my history lectures and I just downloaded an app for it (I have an android). The only problem I had was that I couldn't rename the files I just had to look at the date and time they were saved to know which was which. Are there are apps available? You'll probably have to pay but I'm sure it will be cheaper than buying a handheld recorder, which the cheapest I've ever found is $30.
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    The built in recorder let's you rename the recordings too.
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    I use my iPod nano.
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    I used the app AudioNote when I was in A&P and it worked great plus you can use it for notes if you wanted but I didn't use that feature.
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    Take a look at the Audiomemos app. It allows you to also download recorded files to your comp via wifi. I found the apple stock recorder too heavy for storage and editing. Take a look its free
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    Just use your iPhone recorder. It works great , I use it to record my microbiology lecture. By doing this my microbiology exam grades been beautiful. Something I really recommend. Good luck
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    Thanks everyone! I'm going to try an iPhone app. And hopefully I can find a place to sit near an outlet so I can let that sucker charge at the same time!

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