Premature Clinicals Question??

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    Hi guys,

    I have a question about clinicals. I have tried to look around the site and google and all that but I didn't get a clear answer. So my question is what are clinicals, when do you do them, and how do they really work?

    So I understand that you rotate through different areas of nursing and it is where you learn your practical skills, right? I am looking to enter an ADN program and the site didn't mention 'clinicals'. However certain nursing courses have additional components which are outside of the classroom. Those classes would include-

    Nursing Care of the Adult and Child 1 &2
    Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing
    Maternity Nursing

    So are the additional components to those classes 'clinicals' or are clinicals something entirely different?

    My major concern is that I will be starting as a Clinical Lab Support Tech in the Microbiology dept of a hospital and my shift is 4pm-12:30pm. And unfortunately they can't be flexible with class. And I really need to keep this job because after a year they give pretty awesome tuition benefits, they are the premiere hospital in my area, and also have their own nursing programs as far as a BSN, MSN, etc.

    The whole thing just has me really concerned and anxious.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Oh and for what it's worth I am coming from a Biology/Pre-Med major.


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    Yes, clinicals are the "hands on" part of nursing school. You'll do rotations in most areas, but definitely in the ones you mentioned.

    As for your work sched, there might be a real conflict with clinicals. You might have to choose between school & the job. Have you called the school to find out the approximate schedule? They should have a good idea of when you'll need to be where.

    Good luck.
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    You should be able to find out what the clinical schedule is for your school. I am applying to two schools; one has clinicals on Friday and Saturday, while the other has them on Saturday and Sunday.
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    At my school you put your requests in. But we all have requests and we all have issues. They don't schedule around you. And sometime it changes each semester. Your work may have to be flexible. As NS is not. Good luck.
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    At my school clinicals are on Thursdays and Fridays 7a-1p. That is the hands on part of nursing. Once you get accepted you will know more. Most schools have an orientation day. Mine is May 29th 9a-3p. Good luck.
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    See if they have morning classes. I had clinicals from 6:30am-12:30pm and then went to work. (I am assuming that you meant 4:30pm to 12:30 am).
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    Expect to have to plan your life around nursing school, not the other way around.
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    My clinicals are set in stone. 2 days a week, no options on days, time, schedule, location.
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    RunnerRN2b2014, my school is the same way
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    I tried to crop a picture to show you guys what I'm talking about, but I guess I'll have to describe it better. So it's like

    8 cr. Nursing Care For The Adult and Child Thurs 8:00am-8:50 am
    0 cr. Nursing Care for the Adult and Child Tues 6:30am-3:30pm
    0 cr. Nursing Care For The Adult and Child Wedn 6:30am-3:30pm


    I am guessing that the 'clinicals' are those 9 hour blocks of time once a week, right?
    But then there are other sections of the same that are only 2 hours long. I just want to know if these are the 'clinicals' or if that is something completely different. ;~;

    For me, not working isn't really an option. And yes I did mean 4:00 pm-12:30am. Anything outside of that time I am free. I guess the one thing going for me is that by the time I actually apply to the nursing program I will have literally all of my classes done except the nursing courses. So I am really just looking to do two classes a semester- one class with clinicals and another one credit nursing class.

    The whole thing is just really confusing.

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