Pre-Nursing Classes

  1. I was looking at the pre-nursing classes the college i'll be attending this spring requires.

    The pre-nursing classes they require are:
    --Introduction to Nursing
    --A&P I
    --General Biology

    Other classes I could get out of the way while waiting to get in are:
    --A&P II
    --Life Span Growth & Development
    --Humanties/Fine Arts
    --Physical Activity Course

    I'm hoping to get most of these classes done within 2-3 semesters. Is there any classes on that list that you wouldn't recommend taking together? Obviously you can't take A&P I & A&P II together but i'm thinking more along any other classes just because of the coursework they could bring.

    I was actually thinking:

    Spring Semester:
    --Introduction to Nursing
    --A&P I
    --Lifespan Growth & Development
    Summer Semester:
    --A&P II
    Fall Semester:
    --Humanties/Fine Arts
    --Physical Activity Course

    How does that sound?
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  3. by   KeeperMom
    I would not take biology and A&P together. In most programs around here, biology is a pre-req for A&P and you can't co-req it at all.

    I would encourage you to take the biology and as many of the humanities you can successfully handle in the first semester. You can take A&P during your second semester with the intro to nursing class and another humanities or elective class.
    I wouldn't take pharmacology before Micro either. In our program, micro is called Infection & Immunity and it was a tough class. Pharm is another tough course but I think you will understand how the drugs work if you know what they are working against.

    In our program, most of the classes you listed are only offered at specific times so that students CAN'T take one before the other nor can they be taken the same semester. Clear as mud?

    In my opinion, there is no need to rush through all the pre-reqs. These are definitely foundation classes that you WILL need throughout the NS program and if you don't have that foundation, many concepts and disease processes are going to be significantly more difficult.
  4. by   Al.ginger
    wow! it looks like you have a lot of prereq!

    My program's prereq is
    2)Intro to chem
    3)Principale of biology
    5) Nutrition OR Microbiology

    Intro to Nursing, Life span gowth and other are IN the program

    I'm wondering, is it a sign of aweak program?
  5. by   jenniepaige
    It depends on how much time you can devote to studying and how good you are at learning things. I am in A&P1 now and it's like 3 classes. No joke.
  6. by   oklahomagal
    I am agreeing A&P 1 is a pretty daunting class. I was also surprised that you could take intro to nursing without being in the program. Take it easy dont overwealm yourself.
  7. by   crazytonurse
    I agree with the above posts in addition I personally wouldn't take A&P2 and Pharm together either.
  8. by   pdxmomazon
    A&P has been my biggest academic challenge ever- and I have a BS with a 3.86 GPA! I wouldn't pair A&P with another science course if you could help it.