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SAHM of 3 and a pre-nursing student

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  1. jenniepaige

    Looking to become a nurse

    What RN school are you looking at? Most of them look at your nursing gpa and what your school has on record might not matter-in terms of re-taking the classes. And as far as doing the LPN thing first, sometimes it's harder to get in to an LPN program than an RN. That's how it is here anyhow. I would look around at all your area schools and take it from there.
  2. jenniepaige

    Frederick Community College?

    Oh that's awesome! AP is def the most challenging. It's especially frustrating for me because I'm not the best test taker. I get nervous and will put down the wrong answer when I know the right one, some read the question clearly and so on and so forth so I am going to end up with a B in this class while I should have gotten an A. I knew more than most of my peers about the stuff but am not as skilled as taking tests. Plus Rosebrock's tests are very hard. Very upsetting. LIke on the lab final we has questions that were just unnecisarily hard. Like what muscle is antagonistic to X and and extends at the knee. Also some of the diagrams they have are SO not clear. Also we had a picture of this lady looking somewhere but you couldn't tell if she was looking out or up and out and we had to say which extrinsic muscles they were. I guess it will be a good thing when were all done. We were in class last week and Rosebrock kind of went off about Mason saying "that blank is gonna stop next semester let me tell you" he is responsible for A&P and his night class wasn't how it should have been or something. So Mamato5boys I would watch out next semester. Anyhow...just ranting. I am SO ready to be done but I have the lecture final still next Thursday.
  3. jenniepaige

    Frederick Community College?

    Ha, that's funny. He came into class the next day talking about doing just that. I think he really enjoyed it. And yes it is his thing. He has a biz doing it or something like that from what I've gathered. If you apply yourself and come to class on time then he's pretty cool. He's tough, but it's a tough class to that's ok. I can't believe I am surviving and am almost done 103!
  4. jenniepaige

    A&P 1 - how to study Histology?

    You won't have to know it all. At least not at my school. Just the ones that they think are the most important.
  5. jenniepaige

    A&P 1 - how to study Histology?

    I personally wouldn't do it in 8 weeks. It's a lot to keep up with. Lab and lecture are like 2 different classes too. But it depends on your circumstances and all that. Some do just fine with it, not me though!
  6. jenniepaige

    A&P 1 - how to study Histology?

    Tissues isn't that bad. Muscles isn't that bad, bones...for me a little trickier. I think you just have to have the mindset that you are going to practice, practice and practice some more and try to enjoy yourself! If you find it interesting, I guarantee that you will do better on it. I'm in AP1 now and I have a very difficult professor that has very hard exams. If his questions were worded differently I'm sure I would have an A average instead of a B right now. Also remember, what's hard for one person may not be for the other. Oh, nerves and the nervous system is pretty tricky! Sure doesn't hurt to get a head start. But I would start with the first 3 chapters if that's what your going to do. Bio, Chem and the intro chapter.
  7. jenniepaige

    Frederick Community College?

    Well I have Rosebrock who has a reputation of being the hardest one. His tests/exams are no joke. They are a lot of application problems. But he's fair and he's good. I think that he does a good job at preparing you for nursing school because that's how it is in there from all that I have heard. Another good one is Frankenbarry. That's all I know first hand about. It depends on when you will be going too. I just talked to one student in Mason's class and that's what she said. To not go over muscles or be tested on it....well I think it's irresponsible. Muscle's are HUGE. We just finished them. He gives a detailed outline on what is exactly going to be on the test which is helpful in a way I guess. We get an outline but it's not verbatim like his is. I think he might be ok for AP2 but not 1 because the other professors are much more challenging.
  8. jenniepaige

    Frederick Community College?

    The only thing that I've heard about him is that he missed several classes and wasn't even really going to go into muscles which is a HORRID idea. It sets you up for failure. I also heard that he was so easy to the point where it will also set you up for failure for AP2.
  9. jenniepaige

    Please don't judge me...I need advice please.

    How do you find out what states do this? Never heard of it.
  10. jenniepaige

    Pre-Nursing Classes

    It depends on how much time you can devote to studying and how good you are at learning things. I am in A&P1 now and it's like 3 classes. No joke.
  11. Wow. You really sound ignorant. You clearly have no idea what it's like to be a mother, or an "older lady". Perhaps you need to gain some life experience yourself before make blanket statements that so clearly show that you have no idea what you're talking about. I'm not sure I've been privy so such ignorance in some time. Nice one.
  12. jenniepaige

    A & P 1 -- Fall 2010

    I wouldn't say it was easy unless you already have a foundation in chem and bio. There are so many components to it. they are the longest chapters in my book
  13. jenniepaige

    Anyone else taking A&P 1 this fall? Study group?

    We have our lab midterm on Thursday of next week and it's on chapters 1-8 but it's all multiple choice though. I am still working on ch. 7 now!
  14. jenniepaige

    Anyone else taking A&P 1 this fall? Study group?

    How did everyone do on the test? I didn't do as well as I thought. I knew the information really well but somehow that didn't show up on the test. I was actually really surprised and upset. I got a 77.3
  15. jenniepaige

    Frederick Community College?

    How much work outside of class do you think there was? How many reports or whatever did you have to do? Sounds tempting. Usually I would never think of doing a j-term class but it might work for group discussion.
  16. jenniepaige

    Frederick Community College?

    Oh sorry, I think I missed this. Yes, it's an additional lab experiment. IT took me forever, I felt it was sort of a time suck.

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