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  1. Al.ginger

    A Morning in the Life of a Nurse and a Doctor

    married to a doctor. yes. He encourages me to go to medical school. Nooo. Love nursing
  2. I can hear you! My hubby is a chiro. When he came at the same CC where he took his science classes for chiro, they said he still needed to repeat anatomy and even general bio. They seriously said it to the Doctor and Bachlor of human biology. Isn't it crazy?
  3. Al.ginger

    What classes are you taking in the summer?

    lifespan and Statistics. Both online
  4. Al.ginger

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    Why do you need that much math for nursing??? The only math class I'll be taking is Statistics and it's for bachelor.
  5. Al.ginger

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    General Psychology - 100% A Intercultural communication - 98% A Anatomy - 96% -A Also got a CNA job at February and enjoying it! Good semester. Looking forward to Summer: Intro to statistics and Lifespan
  6. Al.ginger

    Should I take classes for CNA before LPN ?

    check with your school. Schools around here, Minnesota, require CNA licence or classes to apply to nursing program either LPN or RN
  7. Al.ginger

    Summer school anyone?

    Scoteeee I believe you are pre-nursing before you start your actual nursing classes. Do you? I mean, I'm accepted to the program too but I'll start in January 2012. Now doing Lifespan and Statistic just for general education requirements. Still I'm pre-nursing
  8. Al.ginger

    Summer school anyone?

    I have finals right now! Two classes done! Will have final exam on anatomy tomorrow:uhoh3: Got 97% for Intercultural communication Got 100% in General Psychology For Anatomy.... so far getting A in lecture, just need a final. But lab I got 100% so I think it will help bust my overall grade. We have one combined grade for lecture and lab.
  9. oh oh oh to touch and feel very good velvet, AH cranial nerves too
  10. Al.ginger

    Summer school anyone?

    my hubby feels sorry for me taking Lifespan and Statistic this summer. He said I'll be exhausted. I feel like I can do it. Especially all on-line
  11. Al.ginger

    Question for Career Changers

    My husband was/is a chiropractor. He loves chiro but this time it just not working so well. So he decided to go back to school for nursing even though he has a doctorate degree. So, there will be two nurses in our house
  12. Al.ginger

    Summer school anyone?

    Taking Intro to Statistics and Lifespan development this summer. Also having a 1-year old boy (gosh, he is ACTIVE) and full-time job. I'm doing my classes on-line though
  13. Al.ginger

    i am in!!

    cograts! I'm accepted too! Starting in spring 2012. So, I have time to finish my physiology. I started pre-req 1 year ago and already in! WOw
  14. Al.ginger

    Need Help

    Yep! I'm taking it right now. Getting A in both. My advice to check the professor for psychology. SOme of them making general psyc. unnecessary hard and time-consuming.
  15. Al.ginger

    lifespan and statistic for summer?

    Boojum I talked to the people who taking Lifspan with my prof. this semester, they said - lots of reading but otherwise OK. I wish I can take it with my current GENERAL PSYC professor (he is soooo coool! I'm getting 100%) but he is not teaching in summer (((( snookiejc it so different! Even the Lifespan. I'm taking it as a 4 credits and my husband taking it as a 3credits in the different college. Note that this is an Intro. My college also has Principals pf Statistic and that is 4 credits. But for NUrsing Intro to Stat is enough here.