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    As much as I keep telling myself to stop preparing for the fall semester, I just can't. Can I please have a few responses on what topics were on your syllabus for week 1, 2 and 3 for your A&P 1 class?

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    Chemistry of life, types of tissue, types and functions of epithelium.

    Don't panic- it's not too rough. Promise.
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    Also, body planes, quadrants, anatomical position and directions
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    Oh man here you go you use this AMAZZZZZING site. You will thank me forever, see you in my next life I did a good dead today!


    I'm the same way maybe we can study online somehow to quiz each other? IDK I just want to get as far ahead of everybody as I can !
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    @WKredz5, Thank you for the link!

    I'm taking A&P I and lab as well, but I don't have access to a week by week syllabus until I get to my first day of class, so this is a helpful thread. .
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    I'm taking A&P I as well, and also won't have access to syllabuses until my first day of class. I'll be so relieved when that first day is over with! I'm also extremely nervous because this is my first class, inside of a classroom in over 4 years (since 11th grade for me ). Everything else I've taken online in the past, but figured it was a smart idea to get out of my online routine and start attending in a class room setting from here on out. I wish everyone starting A&P this coming semester the best of luck!

    And any more insight on syllabuses would be excellent! Thanks to all those who shared with us!
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    This website is from the book my school uses. Includes quizzes, activities, flash cards for each chapter. It is based on the 9th edition of the book and my school is using the 10th but the body is the body.
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    Cells, body planes, integumentary system and bones
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    Shows multiple book options
    if you click on the cover of your book it will bring you to a linked website. I found the one for the 10th edition of my book. There were flashcards available and looks like I can get a access code from the website sent to my phone to see them on my mobile directly from the book
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    Is it possible you could email your professor and ask for a copy of the syllabus in advance if they have it available? I'm starting A&P II in the Fall and my professor doesn't have a website with all the cool info I'm looking for so I emailed him and asked for a copy of the syllabus so I could get started on buying all my school supplies (I am a freak when it comes to shopping for school and I HAVE to have everything in advance.)
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