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  1. I need some advice?

    IDK What to tell you but I feel like a failure too. I live with my parents, am 22 years old, and work a dead end job. I am just now thinking of going back to school, in which I have a 1.87 GPA. I barely graduated high school, it was just like the n...
  2. Any words of wisdom for a struggling almost-RN?

    I really think you'll do great once you relax a little. You sound like you have the perfect attitude, you take things to heart, stick with it and work your way through the tough, early years. Good luck :)
  3. I'm choosing to persevere!!

    This is the beginning. The beginning of the end and the end to the current. I AM a scumbag. I AM a **** head. I AM sore. I'm ending that mentality NOW. I will work, I will try, I WILL rail Adderol, I WILL study four, five hours a day, I WILL get all...
  4. Yeah man I see you have a lot of replies already but the best thing you can do is push your self. If you feel like walking is just giving you a little soreness, that's not enough. PUSH your body, swimming is THE best way to lose weight, but I'm not t...
  5. Do I even have a chance at nursing school?

    I laughed at this post of your self calling your self dumb. ( Who's dumb now, did you see that sentence? Check this out, I currently have a 1.8, yes a 1.8 and I have DECIDED that I WILL go to nursing school. Nothing will stop me. I am re taking the c...
  6. I want to get a head start on learning, class starts on the 23'rd... I've been doing Anatomy and Physiology this past week... when the thought came about "What the hell am I gonna learn at CNA besides how to properly behave around patients and how to...
  7. Surviving and PASSING A&P

    I'd say... build your life around studying your notes and flash cards. That's what I'm TRYING to do... but man putting in the effort is hard.
  8. Pharmacology Flashcards (drug cards)

    I love you.
  9. Wouldn't believe it if I told you

    I have learned so much.
  10. Passed CNA

    WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You missed a big thread
  11. Do I have to stop being reserved?

    You shouldn't worry about it one bit. If you feel like it is slowing your progress to becoming the best CNA you can be, get out of your shell day by day. Do one thing everyday that scares you. Here... this video might be of help
  12. I was at a hospital yesterday getting my chart review and I coulda swore one of the RN's was messed up on downers. Her pupils were as small as a pea's nucleous! It was funny because I could tell she could tell I knew. She started avoiding eye contact...
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collagen
  14. Nah not yet, I'm still in the process of getting through all the pre's . Did you have any trouble getting in?
  15. I feel stupid

    Thanks for the replies. They really eased my mind. How long do you guys usually study for? I try to aim for 3 hours but I feel like I should be doing more. I never studied through high school and am just now starting to take it seriously. Note cards ...