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    When I first told friends and family that I was considering pursuing a nursing career, every one of them said "Oh, you'd be GREAT as a nurse." And every one of those twirps followed it up with something to the tune of "You don't mind bossing people around".

    Not one person said it was because of my cheery disposition or great bedside manner. Apparently I need better friends! Not sure what I can do about that family, tho.

    I took this personally at first (although in jest) and then realized, they think nurses, as a whole, are bossy!

    I'm not shy and I've held many teaching and administrative roles. Giving others direction was a necessary skillset and one I developed rather well, apparently.

    What have your friends and family said when you shared your desire to go into Nursing?
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    I think being bossy is a great asset - in moderatio , like most things. One of your main jobs as a nurse is to be their advocate. And sometimes being an advocate means being pushy

    I've been told I'd make a great nurse due to being "so smart," but warned that I'll also hate it for the same reasons.

    Time will tell. Hopefully I'm smart enough to put myself in situations that help me grow, not smother me
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    Well your friends don't know very many nurses! On another note, when my family found out they said you are so compassionate that this is your calling. I've been a CNA for 10 years and I still love hearing the residents say, I love her she is my favorite, she is so sweet. If YOU want to become a nurse and YOU feel like it's something YOU want, then don't ask to much questions what others think. It's your choice and if YOU think you will be a great nurse then go for it
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    I've been told that I'll be a good nurse because I'm compassionate and softspoken.
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    I've been told that I'm too smart to be a nurse and, therefore, I should be a doctor. I would not now be preparing for nursing school in the fall if I had any desire to be a physician. I've also been told that I don't have enough compassion or patience to be a nurse because I'm more of a suck-it-up-and-move-on-slash-stop-whining-already personality. I don't know, I feel like those are in many ways strengths. I hope.
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    Well I have been a c.n.a. since 2005. I am now taking pr requisites for nursing. I have obviously worked under nurses for a long time. A lot of the nurses I have worked under were kind of bossy and a lot of them want you to do your job and there's. Like as a c.n.a You are supposed to answer lights whenever they are on but nurses will walk right pass the room with the light on and come and tell you to get the light. Also I have had nurses who will actually go in the room where a patient is, the patient will ask to be turned on their right side and instead of the nurse turning them they will go get the c.n.a. But there are a lot of good nurses also.
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    I have 2 live-in caretakers caring for my grandmother who are LVN and CNA whom I've known like family for over 15 years. They were shocked to hear of my career plan to say the least. And I think they are still trying to wrap their heads around this crazy idea of mine to become a nurse. But it doesn't bother me. And then there's my friends who gasp and can't stand the thought of me working with strangers in such intimate ways handling their blood, urine, and other "gross" things. I guess I had it coming, because I had been type of girl who freaks out when my freshly done manicure chips! But to be honest, I am not scared of the "gross" part in the least bit. In fact, I was gleaming with joy when I got my first chance at cadaver dissection. Haha!
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    A lot of inflated egos. Too smart to be a nurse? What the heck does that mean? Should that be a compliment to you or a castigation to the nursing profession.
    Well my dear(s), hate to deflate your ego, it's MUCH BIGGER than you are.
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    It's funny, it seems like everyone has the same reason and that's why they enter nursing. But truth be told, reality is different. I also would advise not go into it, especially in this economy.
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    Because of this economy? Really? Where I live, there are plenty of nursing jobs available, so I'd say it's a pretty safe choice & what's wrong with everyone doing it for the same reasons?
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