Obtaining Loans For Pre-Reqs but already have Bachelor's! HELP!!

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    I have just decided to go back to obtain an Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN. My Bachelors is in Government so I only need to take the science courses. 6 courses in total. However, I need to take those classes starting yesterday in order to start the program in either May or June 2013 depending on both where I get in.

    My problem is that the eligibility for loans is different for those who already have degrees. According to FAFSA I am eligible for $20k for the BSN. This is good, but I'm worried about the pre-reqs. I NEED loans to cover most of the pre-reqs or I won't be able to afford to take them. I spoke with one of the financial aid offices. They informed me that they participate in the program which allows one to apply and use Federal Direct Loan funding to cover pre-req courses for degree programs, for up to 12 months. The thing is though, the specific office has to manually apply for it for you, you can't do it yourself.

    The ultimate thing I need to know is, is there a way for me to take pre-reqs at a school that offers them cheaper, without actually entering a nursing program at that school?..but still have the pre-reqs eligible for the loans based on the fact that successful completion of them will allow me to enter into the OTHER school's BSN prog?

    In other words: I want to enroll into the BSN progam at School A. School A can apply for the pre-req loan funds for me, BUT that means that I would have to take the pre-reqs there also (and would rather not). Since School B has cheaper pre-req classes, I would prefer to take them there, but I have no intentions of completing any degree prog at School B, just want to take the pre-reqs. Would School B still be able to apply for the pre-req loan funds for me, even though I'll be entering a degree program elsewhere?
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    I had the same problem, i have a BA in journalism and now i am applying to nursing school. Yes, you can absolutely take your prereqs anywhere, just get them approved IN WRITING with the school(s) you want to apply to before. I took all my prereqs at my local CC, and now I am applying to nursing programs all over. I was able to work and pay for my classes as I went, haven't taken out any loans yet.

    Hope that helps!
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    Oh...I don't know if my post helps, just re-read your post...I believe you can still get financial aid, bc I qualified for the same $20,000, but I didn't want to take out loans if I didn't absolutely have to so I didn't...eh, contact your Local CC financial aid department.
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    Okay thanks! I do work full-time now, so I'll try the local CC and see if I can afford to pay for the courses out-of-pocket. Hopefully they'll have a payment plan. Ideally, I would like to avoid taking any more loans until I actually start the BSN program, but at first glance, I didn't know if taking the courses at the CC would be feasible since they don't offer guest students financial aid. Back to do more research. Thanks again!!!
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    You may not be able to take out the loans at 2 different places. Especially if you are eligible for a set amount of money, you may not want to use it up on prereqs. There is a cap on the amount of money people can take out.

    Depending on the costs, I second what the OP said about taking them at community college - it will take longer, but it will be cheap. In my area, comunity college classes are about $39 per unit, so about $120-$200 per class. Also, there are fee waivers if you qualify.
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    Yes, I would recommend a CC. Ours has $81 per credit hour tuition, which isn't bad at all. You do not need to get your degree through the CC to take classes there.
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    Wow, those are some cheap credits, even for CC! OP I don't think you would be a "guest" student. You would apply for admittance 1st to a CC, I can't imagine they would let you take the class any other way. Science courses often have additional fees tacked on top of the regular tuition. So keep that in mind. You are probably best off making a trip to your local CC, and talking to a fin aid counselor. I see what you mean about wanting to pay for your pre-reqs without the loan, but if you can use it at both schools, $20k is &20k, right?
    Also a $ saving tip, look for international editions of your textbooks. I have save a lot of $ this way.
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    So after further research, I found and applied to another local community college that offers the courses at a fairly reasonable price. I am taking the courses just for credit and not as a part of a program. (@ one of the CCs, they call this a "Guest" student and at this CC, they don't differentiate.) For 12 credits (3 courses), it'll be about $1500 (including fees). This isn't too bad I guess, but combined my other normal bills, this is still quite steep for me, especially since I am registering late and will need to pay most of it as soon as I sign up. However, I am not giving up. I am going to find a way to pay for this! Thanks everyone!
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    Good luck. I hope it all goes well for you.
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    Sorry to hijack your thread but I am in the same boat and have a question... I also have a Bachelor's degree and am going for an Accelerated BSN. When I filled out the FAFSA it came back with $0 eligible with the reason that I already had a BA. I'm wondering if I filled out something wrong. Do you remember if you indicated your nursing program as a graduate program or a Bachelor program? That's the only thing I can think of. Thanks!

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