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Hi All! What has been the most challenging prereq and do you have any tips to prepare? Was it Bio? Chem? Anatomy? Physiology? So far, its been general chemistry :(... Read More

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    Quote from meeep
    That's exactly how my current A&P 2 teacher tests, and it's an absolute nightmare! He swears the test bank goes with our book, but I suspect he is incorrect as there have been quite a few questions that were definitely not from the book. What's most frustrating is how ambiguous the wording of the questions is. I just hate feeling completely prepared on the material and then getting the test and wondering if its for a completely different course! He let us have one online test out of our 4 exams, and the highest grade in the class was still only in the 80s. Quite a departure from my A&P I teacher who wrote all of her own tests.
    My A&P1 teacher let class out early a few times, but still tested us over material he never taught as a result. So on the final, there were probably twenty questions concerning the nervous system and cranial nerves that we never went over in class. He must have skipped at least two chapters. I hate that professors get away with stuff like this.

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    Ours does the same thing. For lab too. He will skip models, but we are still tested on them. Same in lecture, he will skip half the PowerPoint but we are still tested on it. We are also tested on anything in the book that hasn't been lectured on. I would say about 60% of our tests are on material that hasn't been lectured on. It's torture to study for!
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    All were very interesting and I loved learning the content, but I would have to say A&P II. I took A&P I during a regular spring semester (which was my favorite pre-req), but II was cut really short in the summer. I had a lot of reading in such a short time frame. If I could go back I would have a) taken a break in between courses or b) took it in the fall because it would have been longer. I feel that the material was rushed and I didn't get to learn thoroughly like I did the 1st class.
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    Chemistry 1, 2 and up... got As on 42 credits, including micro and ap2, but chemistry i keep dropping off and then couldnt take online course with no teaching... now scared to sign in again... ughh
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    Definitely micro, ap1 & 2 were the most difficult for me. I made B's in all those classes. A & P was just so much material, and I had really difficult teachers!! It's hard remembering all those muscles and stuff!! I did not study much for those classes though. If I knew then what I know now (I am currently in a BSN program), I would have probably done a wholeeee lot better in those classes!! When I was applying for nursing school, I applied to two BSN programs and actually one of the requirements for one program was either philosophy or a foreign language. One day in that philosophy class did it for me!! I dropped that thing because I knew it was going to be ridiculously hard. My mind is deep but uhh NOT THAT DEEP! Lol I decided to enroll in a Spanish I class and absolutely loved it!!! It was fun and easy. The pre-reqs really have nothing on the nursing courses though for real!
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    Quote from priorities2
    I found micro fairly easy compared to anat and phsl, bio and chem totally doable. Physiology was hard, but for me, Anatomy was the hardest. It was just so much memorizing - it was hard for me to adjust to. I also took physiology, microbiology, and anatomy all at the same time. It was wild but i got through it and start nursing school in september!
    Way to go!! So far I haven't struggled much but I also haven't taken micro or a&p 2 yet!! We will see what I have to say next semester
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    So far it's been a&p1 ( I'm halfway through it now) and nutrition. It wouldn't have been so bad but my teacher was a little too earthy for me (and I eat organically so that's saying something) and was all around condescending. I didn't do well in it so I'm retaking it next semester online so I won't have the same professor. :P
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