Mira Costa Palomar spring 2018 ADN program - page 4

Hey there! I am creating this thread for all applicants to Mira Costa and Palomar for the Spring 2018 semester. Hopefully we can cheer each other on and take some of the waiting anxiety away... Read More

  1. by   Blopple
    I only applied miracosta, I don't have sociology done and everywhere else requires it.

    I am still shaking my head that an associate's program can be this competitive. You almost definitely have to have a degree already to have a chance. It's absurd...

    Gabby, you got it next time! Keep on trucking!
  2. by   staysha92
    Quote from Blopple
    I just got an email from miracosta. Already omg! I have been accepted as an alternate unfortunately. I was really hoping for a spot so I could get this show on the road

    I had 83 points so it looks like acceptances are at least >83 this time. Good luck to everyone!

    PS if you get accepted to miracosta you should not attend, so I can have your spot

    You might get lucky if people will also get into palomar or Grossmont they might drop their spot
  3. by   huskymom1
    Hello everybody, I applied at MC and palomar. I was surprised how fast MC got back. I received an 81% on my TEAS overall I believe I had 84 pts, I was shy several volunteer hrs and lost out on 5 pts tbere I didnt make it into the alternate list. I called to see what my total points were but nobody hasnt got back to me yet. Im bumbed, MC was my first pick. I have my fingers crossed for palomar. Good luck everybody!!!
  4. by   Yummywhoppers
    Not even an alternate with 84 pts?! Yikes it's getting rough! I'm sorry.
    I'm going to call Palomar tomorrow to see if they calculated how many points I had. Has anyone figured out their Palomar points?
  5. by   huskymom1
    Yup, not even an alternate!! I spoke with somebody from the dept and they said 88 was what got ppl in this semester . Ill have my 5 points next time I apply so ill be at 89. I hope that will be enough to get me in. Best of luck to you!! Hope you get in
  6. by   kbella
    Hi I just saw this thread. And to answer your question, yes they will call. I just spoke with Ms. Rodriques from the nursing department and I guess she has a pile of applications that were missing information or needed verification. So if your application is incomplete, they will let you know!
  7. by   gabbysilt09
    haha I called this morning as well! Apparently I'm not the only one because I just got an email from grossmont telling the applicants not to call and ask about applications because we will all hear something eventually. hahaha
  8. by   enurse31
    This wait is brutal. I am seeing some are getting acceptances from Grossmont.
  9. by   Kristin0913
    Palomar changed the date on their website... It says Late October/Early November now.
  10. by   Yummywhoppers
    This wait is killing me!!
  11. by   Blopple
    Seriously, I wonder why Palomar is so slow.
  12. by   SuperNovvaa
    Hey everyone - hoping my input helps everyone get an idea of accepted score ranges. I got accepted to MC on 9/18/17 with a score of 92. MC was my first choice, therefore I will be attending their orientation and registering. I did also apply to Palomar, but have not heard back. My scores in each category are as follows: 10 points for a BS, 5 points for relative work experience, 30 points for sciences GPA, 13 points for pre-nursing GPA, 4 points for life experience (disability, work during prerequisites, disadvantages, and difficult personal circumstances), 0 points for language, and 30 points on the TEAS. Hope this helps!
  13. by   Kristin0913
    Idk why they are so slow.. but I have seen in previous threads that they are late on notifications a lot. Regardless of result I just want to know at this point lol.

    SuperNovvaa, congrats on getting into MCC! You'll probably get accepted into Palomar as well with 92 points, so one of the alternates will be happy