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I hate this class. I hate it with an enduring passion. I understand why I have to take it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it!:down: Actually, it's not the class that I hate, it's the lab. The material isn't hard. It's just... Read More

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    I really enjoyed reading all the PP's... as an educator, I realized long ago that the process of taking an accelerated course (like summer courses) usually degenerates into a prolonged aversive conditioning exercise. Even if you like the subject at first, you'll probably hate it by the end of the course because you associate it with that 4-hour-a-day ordeal.

    An understanding of micro principles may not seem that important in school, but when you get to actual nursing practice, it is a critical factor in making sense of what is happening to your patient. Just knowing why some antibiotics work and some don't; understanding the systemic effects of sepsis; what lab tests are appropriate. . . etc.

    This is definitely a course in which the instructor makes all the difference! In my first undergrad micro course, the instructor took us on field trips to a local brewery and dairy. We got to spend time with the local health department - even shadowing inspectors while they investigated local eateries. Great stuff! She made it interesting.
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