Last Year of Pre-req's!!!!

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    Hi everyone,
    So this Spring of 2013 marks my last year of pre requisites.
    I had planned all my classes where my biology classes could be taken last either alone or at the very least with one other class.
    I have close to a 4.0 gpa but I'm intimidated by the classes that I'm about take. I read online that it's helpful to purchase a life size skeleton to help.
    Are there any other suggestions?
    What should I expect?
    Thx for any advice.!

    Also I think I read in another thread where pre-nursing students can shadow real Nurses. Is this a fact? How can I go about doing this in Atlanta? ??
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    Hi! I did the same thing that you're doing now. I just finished up my prereqs, and I'm in the process of applying for my school's RN program. You do not need to purchase a skeleton. Going to open labs should be enough. As long as you keep up with the reading and study every day, then you should be fine. Good luck!!
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    I've been told many times by family & friends who are already nurses that getting a book in advance of starting your sciences & getting familiar with the terminology & basic principles helps tons. For example, I just got E-Z anatomy & physiology book & love it. Flashcards also help too I am told.
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    Congrats on being in your last year! 2013 will mark my last year of pre reqs as well, I'm applying for spring 2014! I got most of my easy classes out of the way early, I thought I wanted to pursue my ADN and just continue at my community college, which has a wonderful program, but I have alternately decided on the BSN route and now need to take a bunch of lower level electives with my hard science classes! I'm taking A&PI this semester (along with pre-calc, health,communication, and a writing class) and I am also wondering what the best study tools are.

    I ordered the A&P coloring book, which I just received from amazon and it's pretty awesome and seems like it will help me. Also got Barrons EZ a&P and downloaded a free a&p textbook from a friend. I figured if I begin memorizing the musculoskeletal system, and I mean -memorize- it before class begins that will give me a serious leg up and knock out all the memorizing I'll have to do in the first week or so of class.

    Good luck in your studies!
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    Thank you guys for the tips! I do have an old a&p book so I'll plan to go thru it during my 4wk break.
    Good Luck to us ALL!!!

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    Do not buy a skeleton, we had separate book for A&P with pictures of all of the bones as well as their markings. It also pictured microscope slides of tissues we were studying. Good luck!
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    Congrats! I'm on my last semester too, I will apply next semester for *hopeful* fall 2013. I did purchase a skull from my book store for $15 on a suggestion from my doctor (who happened to be doing knee surgery on me at the beginning of my semester for A&P 1) and I found that super helpful! I used a dry erase marker to write what each bone was then used the dry erase spray to clean it off and start over. Helped alot for me. Best of luck!
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    Awesome!!! Thx y'all!

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    EJ, I wish I knew how one could go about shadowing in Atlanta. If you find out, please let me know! ( and I will do the same!)

    I spent a year on a lot of my core, now I have a year of sciences left. Super excited for A&P, I also got a book to study over break. Good luck everyone, and lets enjoy our break!
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    I'm in my last year of pre-req's as well! All science all the time for me lol... I have a 3.85 let's see if I can mess that up right at the end?

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