Last week of pre-reqs!

  1. 2 I start my finals Saturday! I have A&P II, Micro, Med Term, and Algebra this coming week. It looks like the only class ill be making a B in is algebra and although it dents my 4.0, I had put it off knowing it would be my Achilles heel... Frankly I didn't think I'd do much more than scrape by with a low C, so my mid B is as good as an A in my mind!

    Anyone else in their last weeks of pre-reqs?
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    Good luck on your finals! I'm sure you will do great. A "B" in Algebra is not bad at all. I'm finished with all of my pre-reqs and co-reqs. I'm just waiting to take my HESI A2 exam, so I can apply for school this fall.

    Again, good luck on your finals!
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    Good luck! A & P 2 with Micro..? Ouch!
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    4 tough classes in a semester?
    I applaud your efforts and confidence.
    4.0 GPA with all that?
    A 'B' in algebra will do you no harm at all.

    Congratulations and good luck.
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    Congrats on finishing your pre-reqs!!! Doesn't it feel like a huge weight is being lifted off? Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!!!
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    This is my last week of Stats. The final is next Saturday. I'm hoping to make an A in the course, but think it will probably wind up being a B. Ah well, can't win 'em all. I have three more weeks of A&P I left and then I'll be done w/prereqs for the Spring. I'm taking two more in the Summer though, accelerated courses at that!, an 8-wk Microbio course and then a 5-wk A&P II course (yikes!!!) ,and then I'll be done and off to my ABSN program in August!!
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    I am in my last week as well. I thought I was going to end up with a B in Stats as well, but I just had my final, and I'm ending up with an A!!!! So excited because I dread math and that class was so tedious and time consuming! Still waiting for A&P lab final grades to be posted, the wait is killing me! Have my A&P lecture final next week and then I'm done for the semester!
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    This is my last week as well & it's my last semester that rely counts towards my GPA for the nursing program, because I apply in June. I REALLY need a 4.0 so that my overall GPA will be a 3.48....and that makes me competitive for our BSN program. I got As so far this semester in Nutrition, algebra and lifespan psych. I still have to take my Microbiology & Biology finals so I pray I get As!!
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    Had my Spansh final on Monday. My lab assessment from Micro on Tuesday( 88). On Thursday my Lab final with a (94)!!!! On Friday my lecture Micro final. Today my lecture Micro!! Grades have not been released but Imlooking for three A's!!! I only have a three wk break them summer school starts. after the summer then all of my prereqs will be done!

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    I have my Chemistry final tonight and my AP 2 lecture and lab finals on Saturday. Then I'm DONE with pre-reqs! I start my program this summer.
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    Woohoooo I got my A in Spanish!!! My A in Micro lecture class!! Waiting for my Micro lab grade!!! So glad it's ova!!!

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    I will be done with A&P 2 and micro and both labs next week. The only thing I'm going to say is I'm 50 shades of DONE with both!
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    Congratulations! I just finished my last pre-req class and all my gen-ed classes are finished as well! I start my nursing program next Tuesday. GL!

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