ITT Tech RN program?

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    I went to ITT today for an informational session for there nursing program. 50,000 dollars? Is this legal? The graduation rate for this program is around 10 percent not to mention that out of those that graduate only 20 percent pass the NCLEX. I have also heard for there clinical's they watch videos because most hospitals will not accept there student nurses. Does anyone else have information on them?
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    Sounds bad..
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    ITT Tech is, is it legal to charge astronomical amounts for tuition? Yes, but no one can make you sign up for it.

    Graduation rate at/or around 10% ... that's not unheard of... unfortunately.

    Only 20% passing the NCLEX?? Sounds extremely low. I would investigate that before I took it as fact.

    Videos instead of clinicals ?? I just can't believe it. Schools have to abide by the minimum requirements set by the state's Board of Nursing. As far as I know, you have to have hands-on clinical experience.

    ** Whenever you look for a school for a nursing program, I always suggest checking their accreditation status with CCNE American Association of Colleges of Nursing | CCNE Accreditation and NLNAC NLNAC Accredited Nursing Programs. You can actually find a list off their respective websites.

    Good luck to you !!
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    Good day:

    You can find the various NCLEX first time taker pass rates nationally for various years at

    20% is horrendous.

    Thank you.
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    No one would be hired out of this program. You'd make more money becoming a CNA.
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    That is horrible! The tuition, rates and the fact that its for profit. It's all perfectly legal and what makes it worse is people stilll attend.
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    I saw a commercial for them today and laughed. They were advertising their scholarship program. Amazing how proud of themselves they are.
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    Schools have to meet minimum NCLEX pass rates or they will lose accreditation. So, if those stats are accurate, this program won't be in business for much longer.

    Commercial (investor owned) schools are in business to maximize profits for their investors. They spend more on marketing and recruitment than on instruction.. is this really what you want? Just to clarify - in academia, "private" means a college/university that is not supported by public funds (taxes), it does NOT mean commercial schools. So, private schools would include all the Ivy Leagues, faith-based, etc. On the other hand, ITT, Kaplan, Chamberlin (DeVry), U of Phoenix, etc are all commercial schools. They are selling tuition, not education.

    If you want to learn more about this, here is a link College, Inc. | FRONTLINE | PBS
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    I would RUN not walk, but RUN...wait I would sprint away from that.
    This is for ADN too correct?

    I did call ITT Tech/Breckenridge School of Nursing when I started my research and too found it to be $50k+ for Associates Degree. That was all I needed to hear. I looked into it no further. With that kind of tuition I would have guessed they had 100% grad rate and 100% NCLEX pass rates (OK I am exaggerating, but you get the idea).

    I knew I could get a decent 2 year RN program for $8-15k. For what it is worth I ended up accepting a spot at an Accelerated BSN Program where the tuition will be $32k. That is for a Bachelor's Program with a 98% NCLEX pass rate for less than the crappy overpriced ADN.
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    I have also heard that they withhold bestowing your Bachelor's degree unless you pass the NCLEX. Very few pass from that school. So, you end up with no degree and a $50,000 hole in your pocket.

    Bottom line...if it sounds too good to be true (no waiting list, no points-based admission, no GPA pre-req requirements, etc.), then it's too good to be true. I agree with the post away from this!
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