Is this insane?

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    In the spring, I will be taking 12 hours: A&P II, Micro and Intro to Chem. I am really wanting to pick up a 9 week CNA course on Saturdays as well... I have two kids and I commute an hour to school but I really just want to get all of this out of the way! Am I completely nuts? Would you do it?

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    Now I wouldn't call you nuts but............ /:

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    No, I wouldn't do it, I don't think. I wouldn't trade high grades for speed for fear I'd be rushing toward a NS denial letter.

    But of course, everyone is different If you have tons of study time and time management skills out the wazoo it could be done.
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    Id probably forget about the cna course.
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    Now, you know what you're capable of far better than any of us here. Since the A&P, micro, AND chem are all important prereqs needed to get into nursing school, you need to make sure your grades are as high as they can possibly be. Some would not advise to stack all these science prereqs together, but it is possible since I have gone against the school advisors advice on this before. Is there a reason you want to pick up the CNA course now (financial reasons, experience, etc.)?
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    Your priority should be getting the highest pre-req grades you can possibly get. Nursing school admission ain't no joke. A couple B's can hinder your chances getting into a program... which can set you back a few months or even a year before you can re-apply. If I were you I would wait till the new semester ends before doing the CNA course. That can wait... unless you REALLY need the finances to support your family.
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    It's not insane. I took as many as 19 hours in a single semester.

    But as has been said, only you know what you can handle.
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    Through personal experience, I really recommend taking your time. You could always do one of those sciences in the summer. But I would never group all of that together.
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    Thanks for all the thoughtful replies! I think I will put off the CNA course until the end of the semester. I am not worried about taking the sciences together because I am a science nerd. I made As easily in BIO 1&2 for majors and A&P 1. I struggle more with history/govt type classes. That being said, adding the extra CNA course may just be enough to put me over the edge! I don't want to make a poor choice that will effect my applications negatively just because I am impatient about getting medical experience.

    Thanks again, everyone!
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    How are you taking Micro at the same time as Chemistry? My Micro has Chemistry as a prereq. to get into that class. I guess all schools are different...I imagine you just need to be ready to study a lot.
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