Is this class load insane?

  1. Hey Everyone!
    This is my first post and I thought I'd ask for some advice on if my class load seems like a daunting task or possibly achievable . I will be taking prerequisite courses for the BSN program at Athens Tech community college. Basically, I need all A's in these courses to get into Kennesaw State's Accelerated BSN program which considers students with a minimum 2.7 gpa. So, my gpa isn't great but I know there are a lot of other schools in the nation that has a 2.5 gpa cap in case I don't get into Kennesaw however I'd like to stay in-state. Good idea or bad idea?

    Fall Quarter
    CHEM 191 w/ lab
    BIO 191 w/lab
    PSYC 1101
    SOCI 1101

    Winter Quarter
    CHEM 192 w/lab
    BIO 192 w/lab
    BIO 201 w/lab(micro)
    PSYC 3305 (human dvlpmt)
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  3. by   jtboog2003
    I think your Fall semester classes look good, but I think u have too much on your plate for the Winter Semester. 3 out of 4 of your classes have a lab and I don't know if you've taken a class with a lab but lab can sometimes feel like its an extra class in itself. And you will feel like your taking 7 classes. Not to mention its not easy taking Chemistry 2 or Organic Chemistry alone, and your taking a Microbiology AND another BIO class at the same time? You must not be working and are gonna focus ALL of your time on school because the grades that you get in your science courses are what count the most towards getting into a school for Nursing and since its so competeitve you need A's and maybe a few B's. I would consider taking maybe two science courses for the Winter and maybe taking the other science course in the Spring or Summer
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  4. by   kenpochic
    first off are you going to work? I think it would be a heavy load either way. dont under estimate labs. sometimes labs are just as much work as lecture classes. also ya some schools will let you apply with a 2.5 or another low gpa but that doesnt mean you would get in. I would be shocked if someone got into a nursing program right now with that type of gpa. My school allows you to apply with a 2.5 but you wont get in. I think thats a common mistake people make. they think just cause you can apply with a 2.0 or 2.5 that it means you will get in and thats simply not the cake. The lower end of my school from my understanding (which comes from a nursing admission counselor) was 3.2. I dont think people with below a 3.0 gpa stand a chance getting into nursing school right now. unless its one of those schools were you complete the preqs and have to wait on a list to enter the program.....but who wants to wait a yr etc to get in

    If you think u can get really good grades with that schedule go for it. but if there is a doubt then dont do it. a lot of schools will not let you retake a class to get a better grade.
  5. by   Despareux
    Are you in a hurry to finish these classes? Considering you say your gpa isn't that great, I would lighten the load for both semesters so that you can bring up your gpa a bit. Nothing wrong with taking your time and getting the most out of schooling.
  6. by   Amp21786
    Thanks for your replies
    I was thinking of getting a part time job on the weekends.
    Yeah, I always wondered how 40-50 students from 500 got in with the gpa cap at 2.5, it just doesn't make sense.
    By the way, which school did/are you attending?
    Is it true that some BSN programs only look at the last 30/60 credits?
  7. by   Amp21786
    Not in a hurry but I would like to knock these pre-reqs out of the way asap.
    That's true, take my time and not mess up is the safest route.
  8. by   RebeccaV
    I think its fine, but in the second semester I would drop micro and take that later. Chem and Bio in my opinion aren't bad, but together with 2 labs is alot of work and time consuming. Micro is rough from what I've heard and I would never want to take 3 sciences like that together.
  9. by   kenpochic
    Another thing that could help you is researching your teachers online before you take the class. I always do that and it has helped a lot. sometimes its not the class thats hard but its the teacher that is crazy hard. there is a site called this is the site i use. Again, like i mentioned before please dont get caught up in the whole gpa you can apply with thing. It tricks a lot of new college students and i dont want u to be one of those students with a false since of security that being able to apply with a 2.5 or 2.7 means you will get in. Get the best grades you can. Really try to get all A's. if you read the posts on this site you will see nobody gets into nursing school with the minimum gpa the schools require
  10. by   mangopeach
    I agree with DCardon. Don't plan on getting anywhere with a 2.5. Thats almost asking the impossible these days. Competition is just too tough out there. You should remember that the majority of programs are competitive. What that means is that you are competing against other students for a spot. So think about how many students will be applying with a much higher GPA. I have one last pre-req to finish. When I complete this fall semester, it will have been almost 2 years that it took me to complete them. But I have no regrets in taking my time to get them done. Some people may be able to take multiple science courses at once and do extremely well, but you have to decide what kind of student you are. How much else you have going on in your life. These classes do take a lot of time to study if you want to do well. Especially if your current GPA is not all that great. Your GPA is your life blood right now, try to build it and protect it. Do the best thing for it, if that means cutting back instead of rushing to try to finish and end up with mediocre grades, I'd take my time to build and protect it.
  11. by   mariposabella
    Your winter semester is INSANE! 3 Sciences with labs is way too much. I say 2 should be the maximum. Fall semester is just fine.
  12. by   SoCalCrystal
    Is your winter session a shorter session too? I have Bio over summer and its 8 weeks and it feels like boot camp. I am taking two labs in the fall with life span psych and a health class and I think that is insane. I plan to take Micro in winter by itself and Physiology in the spring. I don't have a job currently but I do have a 4 yr old and I feel completely exhausted sometimes.

    Good luck if you do keep that schedule.